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Frustrated - What to do???

Posted by Kate N. on 5/03/04 at 09:28 (149937)

Was diagnosed with PF and heel spur in Oct. after suffering all last summer. Briefly, my Pod. has tried excersise, stretching, icing, taping, 2 cortizone injections, Spenco inserts, and now after the 3rd injection, I am frustrated! He feels I am a good candidate for surgery or ESWT. The pain has moved around my foot alot over the past months, but now with diligent stretching, etc. it is isolated in my heel to the point where I cannot step without pain. This is especially disturbing to me because I cannot do my daily treadmill workout. I am 50 and trying to stay active and in shape. Should I be resting my foot? I am seeing someone else this week regarding chiropratic and deep tissue massage. Any advice welcome.

Re: Frustrated - What to do???

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/03/04 at 19:36 (149973)

ESWT is a good option.

Re: Frustrated - What to do???

Kate N. on 5/04/04 at 07:38 (149986)

Is physical therapy or deep tissue massage something to try first?

Re: Frustrated - What to do???

Carlos N. on 5/04/04 at 10:28 (149994)


I would try physical therapy. Make sure you see someone who is very familiar with PF. For me, I needed some good custom-made orthotics and plenty of stretching in my calves and hamstrings. Many times PF is caused by tightness in these areas and a physical therapist can help with this since an MD or Podiatrist can rarely measure your flexibility. It's been working for me. Also, try some Active Isolated Stretching (AIS); it's better than static stretching. Deep massage is good too, but it tends to feel temporary at best.

Keep at it and don't quit. I've had PF for over 10 years now and I'm feeling much better and working toward getting healthier.


Re: Frustrated - What to do???

Buck T. on 5/06/04 at 15:59 (150135)

Hi Carlos: What is active isolated stretching? I think it is where you don't hold the stretch. Could you give example? Thanks,


Re: Frustrated - What to do???

Carlos N. on 5/07/04 at 08:59 (150180)


Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) was developed by Aaron Mattes. It focuses on smaller groups of muscles and holding them for only 2 seconds at a time. This way you avoid tearing your muscles with static stretches that require you to hold the stretch for 20 seconds or longer. Go to the link below for some examples.

Years of PF caused by bad biomechanics has strained and stiffened most of my muscles in my legs. So AIS has been great in my recovery and I hope other posters will try it, too.


Re: Frustrated - What to do???

Dorothy on 5/07/04 at 11:45 (150188)

Aaron Mattes' methods and book as well as the Wharton's stretch book and methods are what Michael Young speaks so highly of (and sells their books) and apparently bases his own methods upon theirs (not speaking/can't speak with any authority about Young beyond what I've read and seen). Michael Young's Muscle Release Therapy has been spoken of here.
Thank you, Carlos, for the weblink; I plan to check it out as I am interested in pursuing these areas.