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Cheap Walmart Shoes

Posted by Victoria on 5/04/04 at 02:50 (149981)

I bought a pair of cheap $9.00 shoes months ago, which are slip-on tennis shoes. They're like clogs, being slip-on tennis shoes. I was waiting for my custom orthos to be made and needed something I could wear with thick socks for just a week or so, as winter was coming on and it was cold and wet. The shoes I bought are a size bigger than I'd normally get, and they are tall, with 2.5 inch heels, which taper down to 1.5 inches near bridge of the shoe and then only .5 inch at the tip.

These have been the best shoes I've bought since I first developed problems with PF. Having a somewhat soft but THICK THICK heel support has worked exceptionally well for me. I'm able to be on my feet much longer now. I swear these shoes have helped alleviate a lot of the pain in my heel especially.

Everywhere I go, ladies stop me and ask me where I bought them. It makes me laugh a little. Now they're getting worn out, and I'm in a semipanic b/c I can't find them anywhere. I have found similar more costly shoes, with the cloesest being Skechers brand. The hardest thing for me is finding a sort of rubbery sole that 'gives'.

Just wanted to let you all know, as I was all set to buy some very expensive shoes before I stumbled into these. At least I have a sense now of what may work best for me (thick, heavy heel support).

I know it's a fluke, but I have gotten a laugh just the same.

Re: Cheap Walmart Shoes

Pauline on 5/04/04 at 13:14 (150007)

Sometimes our own trial and errors work out the best. Glad you found something that works for you.

Re: Cheap Walmart Shoes

lynda on 5/09/04 at 15:02 (150288)

keds shoes please mandy

Re: Cheap Walmart Shoes

AmyS on 5/24/04 at 17:19 (151140)

I too bought shoes at Walmart that I just love and get dozens of comments on daily...I am a nurse...and they are better for me than any shoes I have ever worn....and I also can't find them anymore...WHERE can we get them???....I looked on the Walmart site ...NO SHOES....they are 'No Boundaries'....but I don't know what style...they are blue and clogs as you described....they had another similar pair that is white with a greenish trim...the name is 'Sparrow' of the style....but I can't find any of the kind I purchased....arrrgghhh....do you have any clue as to how i can go about finding them???...I was developing PF also...but it's GONE
thanks in advance

Re: Cheap Walmart Shoes

Karen D. on 6/02/04 at 20:55 (151844)

I am also looking for a pair of
Walmart shoes that are just wonderful! I get so many compliments on them! They are in a yellow box called kidconnection and the style is McKensey. I need a size Youth 6 and I need these shoes in red. If anyone has ever heard of these shoes or knows where I can get them, PLEASE let me know!

Re: Cheap Walmart Shoes

Morgan on 6/06/05 at 20:59 (176220)


I have been looking for those same exact shoes. My friend has them and sais they are at wal mart and the people a the mall say check at Journeys.. I still have to look lyself hope this helps

Re: Cheap Walmart Shoes

Sheri on 6/14/06 at 16:00 (201143)

I've had heel pain for about 2 months now, I think it's from wearing these cheap (but cute...) sandals made of a kind of tough foam. There were about 2 inches think and have compressed giving me pain in ONE heel. The pain is daily, but mostly when I have been on the couch or am just getting out of bed, sitting for any period of time. Is this what you have?

I also found shoes like you two discussed on Ebay. I have a link and would like to know if these are the ones? I need to do something about my heel.

Re: Cheap Walmart Shoes

AmyS on 6/19/06 at 11:25 (201546)

hello there....I too am AGAIN getting that pain that you are describing....It's my left heel...when I get outa bed I limp for about 5-10 minutes ...then poof it's gone....what's the link you are referring to??.....email me direct at real2rrn at aol.com....I have still never been able to find those shoes again....PS I also have a Morton's Neuroma in the same foot.....so I've been a bit miserable lately ...am having Cryosurgery end of month....should relieve one problem.....maybe it will help with the heel pain.....just wish I could find the shoes!!!!!....had to retire the others....they were finally wearing down on the soles....which was causing new problems.....hope you have the connection to the shoes I need

Re: Cheap Walmart Shoes

Sheri on 6/20/06 at 11:38 (201613)

I responded to your email. Let me know if it doesn't reach you. Anyone else with this weird pain, let me know what you did for it.