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hallux rigidus

Posted by Daira R. on 5/04/04 at 04:07 (149983)

Dear doctor, I am seeking for an advice. My doctor has diagnosed me 'bilateral hallux rigidus, grade II for the left foot and grade III for the right foot . He recommended me the surgical treatment and in summer 2003 I underwent an operation cheilectomy - for both of my feet simultaneously. It did not help me at all and now I feel at least as bad as before. What happened? Was cheilectomy the good solution for me? I read that this surgery should be recommended only for grade I and only in some cases for grade II but always fails in the case of hallux rigidus grade III. What can I do now? Should I agree with another operation (which I think will be more drastic to my suffering joints) or is there some other solution? Would it have been better to skip cheilectomy and make fusion or some other joint-destructive operation?
Thank you in advance!
Daira R.