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MRI results are in....

Posted by Terri on 5/04/04 at 16:41 (150029)

...and the results show scar tissue has formed all over and wrapped around the nerves, plus there is something going on with the postibular tendon, above and below the ankle. Tendonitis is part of the problem but it has a lot of fluid in it and the dr doesn't know why. He said cortisone shots would do more harm than good as adding fluid could 'blow it up', his words. Also, the tarsal tunnel area itself was not properly worked on during the 1st surgery as it should have been and now the nerves are being compressed even further. That's the right foot.

Left foot definitely shows some tendon damage from who knows how long ago and the resultant scar tissue is pressing on the nerves. When I asked him if he thought surgery is needed there also, he asks me 'You'd want to go thru this again after this experience?'. Well, no I don't. I need to get the right foot fixed correctly and see how it does first. Then again, I don't want to live my life not being able to be function even partially normal. He did say a release would need to be done to the left foot eventually to relieve the pressure on the tarsal tunnel, or I can just choose to live with it. It's all a crapshoot, that's for sure.

The dr and I discussed it, I told him nothing's getting done until early fall. I need to spend some quality summer time with my grandkids at the beach. He said that's fine, as long as I can stand the pain, then we'll wait. He said he wished he could tell me that it will get better as time goes on and I continue healing from surgery, but it's just not gonna happen in this case. That's about the time I lost it and burst into tears. What a stinking mess this is.........

Meanwhile, I'm keeping up my fitness routine as he said the p.t. portion of it is still good for me, probably kept me from being worse than it is. I talked to Margie C. via email and he did her corrective surgery, would like to see how she fares with it. She checked him out pretty well, he was recommended by her attorney, and since she works at a major hospital in our area she asked other dr's there about him and heard all positive feedback regarding his skills. He's a super-nice guy and is very detailed with you, spends a lot of time making sure you understand everything.

So, we wait. Thanks for listening everyone. It sure is nice to be able to come here and unload, rant, rave or just whine! :-) If anyone has any suggestions or had a lot of scar tissue after surgery, sure would like to hear what you did for relief.

Re: MRI results are in....

marie on 5/04/04 at 18:11 (150034)

Sorry to hear the news. hope you have fun at the beach with the grandkids!

Re: MRI results are in....

Bill D on 5/05/04 at 09:51 (150069)

Hi Terry I feel for you since I have the exact same dilemma.

I too had TTS release on my left foot in Aug 2001 and now have more pain than I did before surgery. Doc says it's scar tissue and up to me if I want to try corrective/exploratory surgery. I have not had a MRI since last year which showed fluid around Post Tib Tendon. Actually, there was no scar tissue present then, but, doc feels it's there now.

My pain is constant. It's is a dull ache/sometimes burning on inside of ankle which spreads to arch. Only exercise I can do is swim (thank God I can do this).

Doc sending me to Pain Management to try to cope.

Re: MRI results are in....

lauriel on 5/05/04 at 12:33 (150081)

Terry and Bill, did you do PT right after your surgery? the reason I am asking - is they say the #1 reason for TTS surgery failure is the scar tissue that builds up and presses against the nerve as a result of the surgery.
And this is what gets me so angry - I was going to PT and they are not really doing anything with the incision area. They hired a new PT and he said scar tissue was starting to build up and wanted to know what the other PT had been doing. I said nothing' well this PT
really worked my incision area a lot. and also had me doing it at home, And I mean heavy massage a certain way. to break up the tissue forming and to prevent any more. And not just rubbing in vit E oil as some have said they have done here. So I caught it in the early stages to make sure I didnt get permanent scar damage. You really have to be careful and diligant in the recovery process that the correct things are being done.


Re: MRI results are in....

Terri on 5/05/04 at 20:30 (150105)

Hi Laurie! Yes, I did p.t. but didn't get started until something like 3 or 4 weeks after surgery I believe. Before that, he had me doing some exercises at home. At p.t. they did stimulate the incision area directly with ultrasound treatments, the rest were exercises to regain mobility and build up strength in the area.

I still do work with my trainer/therapist twice a week, plus do a full work out another 2 days/week. I'm in that place alot! :-) As I said earlier, I think that's the only thing that kept me from being worse. What bothers me the most is how quickly my foot tightens up. I'm constantly stretching it by bending my foot up towards my shin and going side to side. Plus I work with the tension bands they gave me in p.t. here at home.

The pain in the arch is getting worse though, just like Bill described. It's becoming more difficult to turn normally and I find myself standing on one foot without realizing it. I know surgery can take away the scar tissue there now, but more surgery also means more scar tissue, even a small amount can cause damage. What in the world do we do? One thing though, I will NOT have the other foot done. I should have left well enough alone but thought I'd found a miracle cure.

Re: MRI results are in....

lauriel on 5/06/04 at 10:55 (150124)

Terri - event though you are getting lots of PT and ultrasound, I dont think ultrasound is just not going cut it for scar tissue. I had the same program you do and If it wasnt for the new PT really massaging the area. and having me doing it at home I would be in trouble. He would go up up one side of the incision and down on the other creating friction to loosen it up. picture using your thumbs and while making one side of the incision go up, the other going down. I would ask your pT about this. I had my surgery 12/02 and still dont have full mobility. it took me months to get a good range of motion.

sorry to hear you are such pain


Re: MRI results are in....

Carol D on 5/06/04 at 16:13 (150142)

Both the PT and me (at his direction) did vigorous massage of the surgical incision. I have had a very good recovery. Good luch

Re: MRI results are in....

Terri on 5/06/04 at 21:00 (150156)

ok, I'll try the massage you both described. I'm just so sensitive on the incision now. Simply placing my finger on it under the ankle causes a twinge down to the arch. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Q - can you break up scar tissue AFTER it's formed?

Re: MRI results are in....

lauriel on 5/07/04 at 12:29 (150191)

Terri, I just did a search on scar tissue and I think once it is formed in your stage the massage may help or may not. Didnt you just have surgery? I was in the very early stages of it forming so I got to it in time to break it up. And some people are more prone to scar tissue build up its called something like keliod?? (sp) this could also be your problem. I would ask your pt and have them help. I know it was painful and I didnt want to do it but was panicing because I knew this was the main reason surgeries fail. My area looked real nice. It was fairly hard for me to tell it was building up, I thought I was just feelling the skin at the incision, but the PT said no 'feel that, that is scar tissue starting to form and see how there is not a lot of movement with the skin and we really need to work on that' I had already been getting PT for about 4 weeks before this doing the ultrasound, he showed me how he just did that motion I described and he said see how it is not moving, both sides should move freely up and down agaisnt each other. I hope you can visualise this.


Re: Addendum....

Carol D on 5/07/04 at 12:30 (150192)

In my situation, the incision site was not all that sensitive and I did not experience pain during the massage.