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Posted by Kalsi on 5/04/04 at 22:14 (150047)


Kindly let me know what is bone-marrow test?
What are are side effects after undergoing the test for bone-marrow?
Is breading problems related to anaemia?
What are the implication if Heamoglobin falls below 50%?

Yours Sincerly,

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Re: Bone-marrow

Dorothy on 5/04/04 at 22:39 (150053)

I am not a doctor and you entered your question under 'Ask the Foot Doctors' and non-doctors are not supposed to respond BUT please note that it does say 'FOOT Doctors' and your questions seem to pertain to non-foot issues. I have no doubt that the foot doctors (podiatrists) here can answer your questions and maybe there are other doctors or nurses who can answer them. Since you obviously have access to the internet, you might want to do a search on something like Google or Medline, or other search sources like WebMD, for example. If you can search on Google or WebMD, for example, you could enter 'bone marrow test' to start or 'anemia' (the American way of spelling 'anaemia'). 'Bone marrow test' is a pretty broad question since it could pertain to compatibility between potential bone marrow donor and recipient or to tests of health status, for example. So you might have to do some searching in the bone marrow information search to get the information you need. Again - not a doctor - but maybe this will be of some help to help you help yourself while waiting for a real doctor to answer your questions. If you have access to a library, a good librarian can also help you very nicely. Best wishes ~