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One more quick question: What do you folks with PF wear when getting out of bed?

Posted by Brian W on 5/05/04 at 08:08 (150065)

I suffer the classic morning pain associated with PF, and am now getting used to sitting in bead after waking up - gently pulling my toes back to stretch the fascia.

But then - it's off to the shower - and barefoot! I know, I've read that I need to avoid being barefoot, even for a few steps, as it could re-injure the already inflamed tissue.

So - what do you all keep bed-side to slip on when you arise in the morning? I don't much like the idea of wearing shoes in the house, though if I go buy those Boston Birks I've been wanting, I guess those would be fine. What I'd really prefer are a pair of slippers that would do the job of supporting and cushioning my foot.

Does anyone wear slippers, and if so, maybe with inserts in them or something?


Brian Weyhe,
Birmingham, Alamaba

Re: One more quick question: What do you folks with PF wear when getting out of bed?

Suzanne D. on 5/05/04 at 10:47 (150076)

Brian, I always slip into my soft-footbed Arizona Birks when I get out of bed. I think Bostons would work fine, too. But when you go and try on Bostons, try on Arizonas as well. I know that would be an expensive house slipper, but I'd still recommend you try them.

Good luck!
Suzanne :)

Re: One more quick question: What do you folks with PF wear when getting out of bed?

Steve C. on 5/05/04 at 12:15 (150078)


I wear tennis shoes (New Balance with PowerStep insert) in the house all the time, keep them beside the bed at night. I slip them on to go to the shower, keep a pair of cushioned shower shoes hanging in the shower. I step out of the tennis shoes, slip on the shower shoes.

I haven't taken a barefoot step in probably about a year!

Re: One more quick question: What do you folks with PF wear when getting out of bed?

Dorothy on 5/05/04 at 15:11 (150090)

There is a shoe called Klogs. It is an open clog-style shoe that is made from a synthetic material (although I have seen reference to ones made of rubber but don't know about their availability.) The Klog is one of those shoes that often worn by people who have to be on their feet for long periods of time AND need a shoe that can be washed or sanitized.
Medical personnel like them and you see them, as well as a shoe called Anywheres, in medical supply catalogs or uniform shops for that reason.

The reason I am mentioning them to you is because you asked about a shoe that can fill in for you as a slipper. I like the Klog for several reasons: it is very, very well cushioned. I put OTC insoles (currently have PowerStep in there, but have also used SuperFeet) in them (they come with a removable insole so you can put your own in; the one that comes with them is pretty nice actually, but not what I needed) in the Klogs and step into them. They are very easy to slip in and out of, are very well cushioned and feel just great on the feet, and with the PowerStep or Superfeet insole are vey supportive. They can be washed - and so I assume you COULD wear them into the shower, but I haven't done that.
The only drawback with Klogs is that they do make your feet kind of hot if you wear them for extended period of time. You can wear them with or without socks.

Other shoes I wear for first-step footwear: Birkenstock 'Haiti' model which is also synthethic material and can be worn in the shower or in the surf. It is the basic Arizona style but made of different materials and so has a very different feel. At first, I liked it but more recently it feels a little unforgiving to the feet. These things change, as you know.
And finally, I really love Dansko shoes. They make a few models for men; one is their long-time standard/favorite and the one that became famous for its American Podiatric ?Association? endorsement. It is called the 'Professional' and is also worn by medical personnel a lot and chefs, etc - again, people needing suppport and comfort for their beleaguered dogs.

There are three suggestions for you. None of these shoes are inexpensive - unless you are like me and you have a highly developed skill for finding the excellent bargain. Mine were really good deals but those aren't every day.
I have not heard anyone else speak about the Klogs plus good OTC insoles here but I recommend them highly for early morning comfort and support and for anytime you need that kind of foot-rest. Good luck. (Klogs is the brand - I am not misspelling 'clogs'.)

Re: One more quick question: What do you folks with PF wear when getting out of bed?

Carole C in NOLA on 5/05/04 at 20:46 (150107)

Brian, I slip into my Birkenstocks (I have several models, but Arizonas are great for slipping into). Then I start the coffee and head for the shower.

When my feet were so painful with PF, I always left my shower shoes in a particular spot in the bathroom (I live alone, so that works for me). When I got to the bathroom, I would slip out of my Arizonas and into my shower shoes, which were also slip ons so my feet didn't touch the floor.

Then, when I got out I would dry off and dry my feet as I slipped them out of the shower shoes and into the Birkenstocks which I would wear until just before heading off to work. I might wear my SAS shoes or New Balance to work, or my Birkenstocks. It seemed to help my feet to change shoes a lot.

I believe I am completely recovered from my PF, except that I am more cautious about wearing good shoes and not straining my feet. So, I am no longer constantly in shoes. But until you have had no pain at all for months, I think you are wise to keep shoes on your feet always whenever standing or walking, even in the shower.

Carole C