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Pain from Orthotics

Posted by Elyse B on 5/05/04 at 08:41 (150067)

am relatively new to PF. I saw my podiatrist recommended by the New York Road Runners. He immediately prescribed 3/4 length custom made orthotics. I got them and wore them and they killed my arches. I did start to wear them gradually etc. I turned them in for the same ones but full length. As I felt the podiatrist was not being proactive I bought the Strassburg sock and feel pretty pain free on a daily basis. Last night I started a run/walk program with my orthotics. Well let me tell you they KILLED MY ARCHES. Every time I took a step they were digging in. I was going to try and tape my feet and then use them. They are supposedly semi-rigid and not hard plastic. I am going to call the podiatrist and see what he has to say but I am sure it won' be much. My question is, I would like to continue to continue to run/walk and start up again but I think I need a softer inner sole with support. I see on this site there areSDO PowerStep, Superfeet. Any good suggestions from anyone? I know that orthotics are not for everyone.

Re: Pain from Orthotics

R C on 5/05/04 at 10:06 (150071)

Elyse - If I were in your shoes, I would stop running entirely until the PF is completely resolved, and preventive measures are in place. You don't want your PF to become chronic and intractable.

With regard to orthotics, it seems to me that if they hurt, then they aren't right for you.

Re: Pain from Orthotics

Elyse B on 5/05/04 at 10:08 (150072)

Thanks for your speedy reply. I am not sure what you mean by preventative measures. I just cannot understand why there is absolutely no pain when I walk with regular shoes on a daily basis but when I put the orthotics in, they press and hurt my arches. It seems to me that the culprit is the orthotics. Can that be possible?

Re: Pain from Orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 5/05/04 at 12:50 (150082)

It depends also on your foot type and if any special posting has to be placed on the orthosis. You mentioned New York. If you are near this guy, you may want to give him a call:

Member Name: Mr. Jeffrey S. Rich
Company: Custom Sport Lab, Ltd.

Address: c/o U.S. Orthotic Center
515 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10022
United States (USA)

Phone: 212-832-1648

Re: Pain from Orthotics

R C on 5/05/04 at 13:02 (150083)

By preventive measures, I mean addressing whatever it was that caused your PF in the first place. For example, if running in bad shoes caused it, then getting better shoes or better orthotics might do the trick. Similarly, if wearing a lot of high heels was the primary factor in your PF, then wearing flat shoes daily would be a preventive step. If your PF came from doing treadmill on a steep incline, then flattening the treadmill may be the answer. It all depends.

With regard to orthotics, I think that success depends on the skill of the doctor (on determining the correction) and a bit of luck. I had absolutely no success with orthotics during a 2.5 year period. If you find that a particular orthotic does not help (or makes things worse) within a short period (up to 2 weeks, maybe), then it is time to make an adjustment or find another approach.

Re: Pain from Orthotics

Elyse B on 5/05/04 at 13:12 (150084)

Thanks, I called Jeffrey Rich who is a pedorthist who just makes orthotics and made an appointment for next week.

I am not sure what caused the PF. Probably because I started running 1 year ago, and got right into it, way too much mileage, too much training on hills etc. etc. So therefore backing off and starting over for me once the pain is gone is what I need to do. Truth be told from day one I felt these orthotics were built too high up in the heel. The podiatrist insisted they were correct and I would get used to them. I wore them 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours etc. and they still hurt.

I really am not familiar with the materials that orthotics are made of but it looks like cork (or something similar) is what is used to build up the arches and also the heel is built up which is not comfortable. This Jeffrey Rich stated that he makes 'soft' orthotics, soft sounds really good to me now. Even the SDO or Powerstep sounds good.

Re: Pain RC what do you mean intractable

BudP on 5/06/04 at 00:07 (150112)

RC, I've never heard that term what does that mean,intractable.


Re: Pain RC what do you mean intractable

Peter A on 5/06/04 at 09:05 (150115)

intractable: not able to be solved or managed. In this case, it would mean that ii would not go away or get better.

Re: Pain RC what do you mean intractable

john h on 5/06/04 at 10:12 (150117)

To the general lay person it also means it is really bad pain. That is in addition to what Peter posted.

Re: Pain from Orthotics

john h on 5/06/04 at 10:16 (150118)

Yes.it sure can.

Re: Pain from Orthotics

john h on 5/06/04 at 10:59 (150125)

Elyse: Orthotics frequently need several adjustment for a proper fit. I have found that a prosethic and orthotic labs are faster and more suited to make the adjustmens than the Doctor who sold them to you. They have the equipment to heat them up and adjust them as you wait and you can adjust them until the feel comfortable to you. Most medium cities will have such labs and the one I go to never even charges me to make the adjustments. My current orthotics (semi rigid Foot Max) were made in Canada and to try and mail back and forth is lengthy and cannot match someone making the adjust right on the spot. It took me two visits to get the orthotic to where it was not pressing to much in a particular arch area. A semi rigid orthoic does have some give and will bend a little. Rigid one just do not bend at all.Both wlll have some sort of cover which might be leather or some other material..

Re: Pain RC what do you mean intractable

Dr. Z on 5/07/04 at 20:33 (150213)

It means that it will only get better with surgery.