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pain and confused

Posted by WAYNE L on 5/05/04 at 21:21 (150111)

construction worker in pain. i have had the cortizone shots,been fitted with hard orthotics, bought new balance shoes, bought new work boots,read everyone dilemma, this is where the confuse part comes in.doing the stretching,wearing slippers with the orthotics, never walking without some form of footwear. i have to tell you when i get home and take the boots off its like my feet are talking to me. finally you took them off i can finally breathe and relax.the pain is greatly relieved but walking around the house is uncomfortable.any suggestions,free advice, any other constuctions workers out there

Re: pain and confused

RACHAEL T. on 5/06/04 at 17:24 (150150)

Hi Wayne--I am not a construction worker - but I wear heavy Ariat workboots regulary as I am/was a professional horsetrainer who has battled PF for 3 years. I recommend that you buy a large enough boot to handle your orthotics; I recommend that your newer boots be 'bent' at the ball by taping them for a few days before wearing them.....as I found that new boots that were stiff were a problem for me & caused me more pain. See the heel pain book at this site & Scott, I believe, even recommends cutting the boot in that area to let it bend more readily - w/o your foot exerting all the work.
Uneven ground is a killer to me & I am sure as a construction worker - you are on that regularly. I am too in pastures, in the outdoor riding ring, & in the indoor sawdust filled (floor base) riding arena. I am much better now than before - but I don't ride 10 horses daily anymore....as the English stirrup pressure is a bit hard on it too - like standing on a ladder. I presently wear SDOs & have found them better than my rigid orthotics.....I wish you luck & happier feet....but I do know the feeling of pleasure when the workboots are removed at day's end!