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PF for 10+ years

Posted by Becky Yu on 5/06/04 at 10:23 (150120)

Hi, I'm beckyluvs2travel (used to be a regular visitor in 1997-2000)
I got plantar F in 1993 after working in a dept. store in heels on hard surface. I gained 20 pounds quickly after going overseas.
I waited too long to receive treatment (I got physical therapy, inserts one and a half years after onsite of pain).
I've done it all. I even have had two surgeries, one being the EPF (failure) and one being the OSSATRON (i was in the FDA study and failed).
Rest is the only thing that helps! Now, I have a terrible flair up after several months of being pain free and I ice now, at work and at home.
I take a lot of ibuprofen for the pain. Please e-mail at (email removed) as I will not check the board often.