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Posted by john h on 5/06/04 at 11:46 (150131)

Richard: I am amazed at your picture. Your family is beautiful and if I did not like girls I would date you myself. I always thought of Gabby Hayes or Jack Palance when I pictured you in my mind.

Re: Richard

Richard, C.Ped on 5/06/04 at 11:47 (150132)

wow....great minds think alike! That is just how I pictured you!!! Wait....I was right!! LOL

Re: Richard

Kathy G on 5/06/04 at 16:30 (150147)

I was glad to see your family and you, Richard. You look just as I thought you would! Speaking of which, isn't it funny how you develop a mental picture of someone even through internet correspondence? One of my favorite episodes of 'Taxi' was one where Alex fell madly in love with a woman, based on her voice, and then was amazed to find out that she didn't look at all the way he pictured. Boy, am I dating myself! I did so love that show! My favorite episode was when Jim got his license. But I digress - how unusual!

My late gynecologist had the sexiest voice I've ever heard. When I met him, I was shocked because he was a fairly homely man. One time I mentioned his beautiful voice to him and he said, 'Yeah, kind of a shocker when you see my face for the first time, huh?' He was the nicest, funniest guy in the whole world and it wouldn't have mattered if he looked like Daffy Duck!

Re: Richard

wendyn on 5/06/04 at 22:41 (150167)

Kathy - that's reallly funny.

I remember years ago on this board before we had any pictures. We used to try to guess what each other looked like. I think it was Nancy S or Judy who thought I wore a lot of plaid. I thought that was pretty cute. Wrong, but cute.

It's always fascinating to finally see the real person.

I am in Boston this next week, but I don't think I'll be able to hook up with Nancy - she's still recovering from back surgery. But, the family and I will be back in Boston this summer, so maybe I will get to meet her then.

Re: Richard

Richard, C.Ped on 5/07/04 at 08:28 (150175)

Taxi was a great show. Jim...gotta love him. hmmmm okie doke.

Re: Richard

Kathy G on 5/07/04 at 09:08 (150181)

Another Taxi fan! Do you remember the one where Jim meets his father after years of estrangement and tells him he's called home every night despite their falling out. And then he looks at the telephone and says, 'How long have you had this number?'

Re: Richard

Richard, C.Ped on 5/07/04 at 14:58 (150203)

LOL...Taxi was a classic.