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Pain after having surgery inJanuary

Posted by Carolyn E on 5/07/04 at 20:31 (150211)

I had bunion and a second overlapping toe shortened and straightened. I have gone through physical therapy. The rusult after surgery & PT is that I am having a burning sensation in my second toe and the joint under my big toe is extremely painful. My toes will not flex (as if pushing off when running). My toes are more painful than before the surgery and I'm wondering if I should seek corrective surgery which this physician indicates may be needed. Anyone have a similiar experience?

Re: Pain after having surgery inJanuary

Pauline on 5/07/04 at 21:47 (150215)

I'm not a doctor, but please do yourself a favor and do not run to have another surgery without first exhausing all conservative means of eliminating your pain.

Snowballing surgeries with the same doctor may not provide the cure that you are seeking.

If I were you I'd seek a second opinion. If you haven't seen an Orthopedic Surgeon M.D. who specializes in Foot and Ankle surgery you might want to begin there. Several are associated with larger medical centers.

You need a good physician to diagnosis your problem, research the various treatments available then decide what you want to do.

A hasty decision that takes you quickly back to the OR may not give you the outcome you're seeking or make you pain free.