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Might I have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?

Posted by Eric B. on 5/07/04 at 22:13 (150220)

Hi all-
I've had some ongoing ankle problems for about 2 years. I have pain on the lateral (outside) part of my ankle, with a occasional 'burning' that spreads over my entire foot. My ankle feels sore at times, and it feels weaker than the other one.

I used to run a lot, and I think that is what caused the pain. After getting orthotics, doing PT for 4 months, my ortho surgeon suggested getting an ankle arthoscopy. I had that done the end of Feb 2004, and he found massive amounts of scar tissue in the joint, which he removed. He noted that the joint itself was intact (no arthritis or chondromalacia).

Its been a few months now, and I still have the same ankle discomfort. I tried jogging a mile last week on it, and it was sore, and hurt worse for the week after. Its to a point where I feel it even when walking.

I have just started trying acupuncture, and its too early to tell if that will help.

Anyone think that this might be similar to Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome? The inside of my ankle doesn't cause any pain when I 'tap' on it.

I welcome any thoughts.


Re: Might I have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?

LARA on 5/08/04 at 09:01 (150234)

The inside of my ankle doesn't cause any pain when I 'tap' on it.

If you are referring to Tinel's sign, that isn't necessary for TTS, although if you have Tinel's sign I understand it's highly like you do have TTS. I don't have Tinel's sign and I do have TTS.

Have you had an NCV test? The burning sensation you report is a tip-off to me that there is nerve involvement. Whether there are ways for nerve involvement besides diabetes (permipheral neuropathy - presumably the dr. tested for this, it's pretty routine I think) or TTS I don't know.

Good luck.

Re: Former runner needs some thoughts on where to go, what to do

LARA on 5/10/04 at 07:15 (150315)

Just thought I'd try a different title and see if you got more responses. I'm surprised you haven't received more responses already.

Re: Former runner needs some thoughts on where to go, what to do

Eric B on 5/10/04 at 08:13 (150316)

Thanks, Lara. No other bites. I really don't know where to go to next - a neurologist? Podiatrist? Another orthopedic surgeon? I would appreciate any input.

Re: Former runner needs some thoughts on where to go, what to do

LARA on 5/11/04 at 09:23 (150390)

1. OFtentimes questions recur on this discussion board. I don't expect each person to review the archives before posting a question - each time it has a slightly different slant and we all learn something new. But if you aren't getting responses, it might help to search the archives.

2. As far as doctors, I found the most luck by searching out doctors that know sports medicine - whether it is orthopedist or podiatrist. If you can get in to a neurologist that might help - most people need referrals these days so have to go to a orthopod or podiatrist. You primiary care physician MIGHT be able to make such a referral but will probably send you on to an orthopod or podiatrist. Actually, I should be careful. That is what would happen in my community - I'm sure there is a wide variation throughout the country.

3. Trying another orthopedist makes sense. THis doesn't mean your current orthopod isn't good. There is just too much to know in medicine for any one doctor to know about everything he or she sees.

4. Have you tried posting on the 'ask the Dr.' board. They might have better ideas.

Good luck