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recovery after surgery

Posted by Belinda D on 5/07/04 at 23:08 (150222)

I had surgery on my foot for tarsal tunnel 13 weeks ago. just started pt 2 weeks ago. my foot is now hurting the way it was before the surgery. Is this normal? how long is total recovery from this surgery?

Re: recovery after surgery

Dr. Z on 5/08/04 at 20:06 (150244)

It could be six months up to one year. check with your doctor to make sure this isn't a new problem in addition to surgery healing

Re: recovery after surgery

Mona on 5/16/04 at 11:53 (150667)

Hi, Belinda

I'm five months post op for TTS on my right foot only. I'm walking fairly well but my foot still hurts and I can't stand on it for long periods of time. I am told this surgery takes anywhere from 3-9 months! Yikes.

It gets discouraging but at least I feel lucky to be walking. I still ice my feet when they ache.

I go back to the doctor's in June for a Post-op nerve condution test. The doctor thinks I'm doing well. He hasn't walked in these feet. But at least the terrible pain I had before surgery is gone.

Good lucky with your recovery. Try to keep a sense of humor and watch funny movies. Hope you have a good support system. That helps.


Re: long recovery time !!!

Belinda D on 5/16/04 at 14:02 (150669)

Hi Mona, thanks for the reply. Why are you having a nerve test in june? You had surgery for tarsell tunnel 5 months ago? My doctor told me it was 6 months to a year for the recovery period. Long time but it's worth it not to have the pain I was having thats for sure. Thank you for your reply, E-mail me if you want @ (email removed) Have a good day, Belinda