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vertical heel spur/ achillies pain

Posted by Mary K. on 5/08/04 at 13:45 (150235)

Aheel spur growing up the heel vertically affecting the achillies, and very painfull Have tried knee high boot proffessional therapy, Wear special foot wear, cannot find right kind of jell packs, Dr wants to cut away the achillies take out the spur and reattatch the achillies, I would lke to find a non surgical remedy. The spur may perforate the achillies.
Please help (email removed)

Re: vertical heel spur/ achillies pain

Dr. Z on 5/08/04 at 16:36 (150238)

Hi Mary

We have used ESWT for this specific Achilles tendon problem. I have personally used this technique with very effective pain relief since 1999.
If you would like to discuss this on the board or e-mail me at (email removed) I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this non surgical procedure.

Re: vertical heel spur/ achillies pain

Mary K. on 5/10/04 at 17:50 (150345)

We are awaiting an answer by mail to our home about this heel spur
So much time gets wasted by thease H.M.O.'s in the medical world it's enough to drive you mad. Will get back in touch soon
(email removed)