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Beautiful day with wonderful friends

Posted by Kathy in Ky on 5/08/04 at 21:30 (150249)

It was a beautiful sunny day in Kentucky! If my feet weren't killing me this week, it would be perfect- my 10th grade daughter earned a 30 on her ACT test! We are hoping she can earn a good scholarship when she is a senior. (she would say I'm embarrassing her but she is our one & only!) Plus, I spent the day with three of my childhood friends who all now live in different areas of the state (we started elementary school together in 1963) Two of the 'girls' had a parent pass away in the last month, so it was very good for us to spend the day looking at old yearbooks & laughing at funny hairstyles. We even went out for ice cream. They were concerned when I limped out of my car & walked like an 80 yr old (bad week for my feet), so I explained PF. Fortunately for them, none of them could imagine not being able to walk around the house barefoot or not be able to wear flip-flops. I am determined to get back on the vitamin regime, taping, etc. in order to have a better summer than spring. I'm down to 15 days before summer break from school but before then I have lots of walking & standing w/ Field Day, class trip & Reading Week Parade, so I will need all the help I can get with my feet. Hopefully, I can hang in there until the end of the month.

Re: Beautiful day with wonderful friends

Suzanne D. on 5/09/04 at 07:08 (150264)

How nice, Kathy, that you had a good day with your long-time friends - despite your foot pain! It seems that I appreciate even more good experiences after three years of dealing with foot pain, trying to find shoes that I can wear, and attempting to hang on to the improvements I've made. I don't take for granted good times any more. And I agree with you, it was an absolutely beautiful day in KY yesterday! The sun is brightly shining this morning, so we'll hope for another one today.

Congratulations on your daughter's ACT score! That's wonderful - and especially so for a 10th grader. My daughter is a senior and took the test twice - earning a 29 both times. We were proud of that, of course. I encourage your daughter to apply next year to attend GSP (Governor's Scholars Program). I'm sure you know about that program, but if not, I'll be glad to fill you in. My daughter was chosen for that last summer and spent 5 weeks at Eastern Kentucky University. (There were two other sites as well.) After completing GSP, the students have a guaranteed full-tuition scholarship to any KY state college, and some private colleges in the state also give full scholarships as well if their ACT is above 27 or 28. That is the case where my daughter plans to attend college. She has received a President's Scholarship, and we are thankful that our payment will be around $600 a year out of an $18,000 cost.

I can also relate to field day, awards ceremonies, field trips, and all the other end-of-the-year school activities. Even standing out on the playground, which we don't do in the winter, is more tiring. At least in first grade we don't give achievement tests! I know my daughter, who teaches 4th grade, commented that her feet hurt after slowly pacing throughout the room each morning for hours every day last week during testing. I keep telling her, 'Wear good shoes! Wear good shoes! Don't end up like your Mama!' :)

Have a good end of the school year! Tell your daughter congratulations. And do investigate about GSP for her for next summer.

Suzanne :)

Re: Beautiful day with wonderful friends

Kathy in Ky on 5/09/04 at 18:11 (150295)

Thanks for the information about the Governor's program, several students from her school have attended in the past. I think our area goes to NKU or Transy, not sure. She's returning to the PTY program at Vanderbilt again this summer, we hope she is accepted as a Gov. Scholar because college costs are going up again this year. Do you think we can ever get our state legislators & Governor to work out a budget that could help education? Every year at this time our county school district is trying to work out next year's budget without knowing what's going on in Frankfort. (hope your uncle isn't a state senator) Have a great week at school, since I teach in Ohio our state testing has been completed & I don't have to worry about giving achievement tests the last few weeks of school like they do in KY. For some crazy reason I decided to have my 5th graders do biography research this week, I'm sure they would rather be outside playing kickball instead.