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Good Drs. ?

Posted by Scott S on 5/08/04 at 21:35 (150252)

I have recently been diagnosed with TTS, (after 18 long months). Does anyone know a good doctor that deals with TTS? A good surgeon? I live in Denver, but location is not important, quality is.

Re: Good Drs. ?

Mike on 5/09/04 at 02:46 (150261)

Dr. Dellon - located in Tucson and Baltimore.


Re: Good Drs. ?

Christine S on 5/11/04 at 01:12 (150385)

I live in Colorado Springs, CO and I see Dr. Nicholas Sol. He is a wonderful doctor and he is excellent in diagnosing tts. He did both of my surgeries this summer and I was very pleased. Good Luck, Chris S

Re: Good Drs. ?

Scott S on 5/11/04 at 08:15 (150387)

Thanks do you have his phone #.

Re: Good Drs. ?

Terry D. on 5/11/04 at 21:11 (150444)

Just type in Dr. Dellon in your browser. You'll get all the info you need. He did my surgery last May and I was pain free the next day...but am still experiencing numbness.