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Happy Mother's Day!

Posted by Suzanne D. on 5/09/04 at 07:56 (150266)

Happy Mother's Day to all! May you have a wonderful day with your children, your mother, or with good memories of them if you are not able to be together.

For foot-suffering mothers with young children - I wish better, healthier days ahead for you. But try to remember - of all the things that you do for your children, what you teach them is the most important. Don't feel that because your feet keep you from certain activities, you are not being a good mother. What you instill in your children in terms of values and knowledge is far more lasting than what activities you do together.

We didn't go many places when I was growing up, and we didn't buy a great many things. But my mother taught me love and respect and the desire to do my best. She taught me the value of learning and made me think it was exciting. She wouldn't tell me how to spell a word but said, 'Let's look it up together!' If she read or heard an unfamiliar word, she would say, 'Oh, this is exciting! Let's find out what that word means.' She read to my sister and I every night, and I can remember her falling asleep often as she sat and read the Bible story. My sister and I would giggle and wake her up with cries of 'What happened next, Mama?' Now I appreciate how tired she must have been and the sacrifice she made to teach us. She taught me not to ever look down on another human being. She would speak with the same sincerity and joy to the poorest of the poor in our town as she would to the one in the finest clothes. When she died, a poor old man whom she had always treated with kindness shuffled up the walk to the funeral home. Someone said, 'Oh, no, look who is coming! Do you think he'll even have on shoes? What will we do?'

I said, 'I'll tell you what we are going to do. We will treat him the way Mama would.' And I went to the door to greet him. That was the first time that day that I felt happy.

Well, this didn't start out as a tribute to my mother, but thank you for listening.

Have a good day!
Suzanne :)

Re: Happy Mother's Day!

JudyS on 5/09/04 at 13:08 (150280)

Happy Mother's Day to you, too, Suzanne - and all my favorite PF Moms here at hs.com!

Re: Happy Mother's Day!

MARK L on 5/09/04 at 14:06 (150284)

to my wife- This is Mother's Day, not wive's day. I buy my mother a card, send her flowers, buy her a gift, take her to dinner- not YOU-You may join us unless you want to take your mother =:) to dinner. What's more- you keep your mouth shut about it- I have and forever will have only one Mother- I can have all the wives my stomach and bank book can stand. Now if the children do not honor this day for you then maybe they remember what a lousy mother you have been.

Re: Happy Mother's Day!

Dorothy on 5/09/04 at 19:15 (150300)

Suzanne ~ Mother's Day is drawing to a close so I can only say that I hope yours was lovely. I thought your post was wonderful and I kept thinking again how lucky your students are to have you for a teacher - and so I must assume your own children know how fortunate they are to have you for their mother. Your message to the mothers here who are in pain and have children to take care of was so thoughtful and a worthwhile message for all of us.
I'm a bit of a curmudgeon about a lot of these holidays actually and think that Mother's Day and Father's Day were, like someone once said, created by Hallmark - and that kindness and caring for our loved ones should go on every day and that this 'special' day is patronising commercialism BUT it exists and once established is impossible to ignore -so we all must get on board so that no one's feelings will get hurt.
All that said, I still hope you had a nice Mother's Day - and I mean it!
And the same to all the mothers and out there! :-)

Re: Happy Mother's Day!

Carole C in NOLA on 5/10/04 at 06:31 (150311)

What a wonderful tribute to your mother, and to motherhood, Suzanne. :)

I didn't see this thread yesterday, but I hope that you and all the other mothers out there had a great Mother's Day. I had a pleasant and relaxing day, and enjoyed talking to my daughter who called me on the phone last night.

Carole C

Re: What a wonderful story Suzanne

Necee on 5/12/04 at 02:15 (150449)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings Suzanne.

For those of us who no longer have our mothers, Mothers Day can be a difficult one. But, when we reflect on their lives, and what joy they brought us, it gives us comfort. They gave everything they had, and never complained.

My mom instilled good values, and taught me that treating others as I would like to be treated was the most important thing. So....as I placed flowers on her grave this past Sunday, I paused to think about the many happy times we shared, the sacrifices she made, and what she meant to me.

Her grave stone reads, 'The Lord gave her strength, she gave us love and laughter'.
That says it all.