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shoes for plantar faschiatis

Posted by Helene M. on 5/09/04 at 20:35 (150303)

I recently started working as an health care aide. I need to buy a new pair of shoes. I stand for very long periods of time and I have plantar faschiatis. Are Birkenstock (not sure of the spelling) sandals the answer? What kind of shoes should I be getting? Or would a cheaper kind of shoes and an expensive insert be better?
Please, help me. I need to make a decision soon.
Thank you,

Re: shoes for plantar faschiatis

Carlos N. on 5/11/04 at 10:34 (150399)


Many folks who post here rave about Birkenstocks. If you can get away with a sandal then try it out. If not, Birkenstock makes the Alpro for people in the medical field. Also, Brooks has a white walking shoe called the Addiction. I wear Brooks Addiction with my custom orthotic. New Balance I believe also has a motion control walking shoe. In any case check out the link below and go to a Birkenstock store near you. In the end it's whatever works for you that will make the difference. I can no longer wear cheap shoes with the orthotic.



Re: shoes for plantar fasciitis

Dr. David S. Wander on 5/11/04 at 19:42 (150427)

I often recommend Merrell shoes to my patients and the overall consensus is that patients are very happy. Some of my office staff wear Merrell's, they do make a 'professional' line that are white. I also wear Merrell's, especially when standing a long time in the operating room.

Re: shoes for plantar fasciitis

Dorothy on 5/12/04 at 18:13 (150484)

Can you be any more specific about the type and/or model of Merrell shoes that you, your patients, your staff like for PF? Merrell makes a lot of shoes. Thanks much -

Re: shoes for plantar fasciitis

Dr. David S. Wander on 5/13/04 at 18:54 (150538)

My office staff wear the professional model(white) with a closed back. I prefer the Jungle Moc with a closed back and many of my female patients prefer the Primo Breeze Moc, that is an extremely light weight mesh top, with an open back, although there is a small lip at the back to prevent heel slippage. I haven't really found a Merrell that I didn't like. It's really a personal preference. One of my favorites was the Jungle Moc ventilator, that was very similar to a sneaker. The shoe has been replaced by the Ventilator II and I'm not crazy about the style, though patients seem to like it.

Re: shoes for plantar fasciitis

audrey on 6/12/08 at 23:06 (247607)

Would you recommend the jungle moc for my son who has incredible pronation. He will begin Kindergarten in the fall and that is the uniform shoe. I can get a doctor's excuse for him to wear New Balance, but if the Merrells are recommended, are lace-ups necessary?