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heal pain mostly first thing in the morning

Posted by clint on 5/09/04 at 21:14 (150304)

I am a meat cutter and spend about 80 percent of my time on my feet on concrete and my lerf foot hurts realy bad, but it hurts more first thing in the morning after a good night sleep with or without elavation. what is the answer

Re: heal pain mostly first thing in the morning

Joe B. on 5/10/04 at 09:03 (150317)


The first step pain sounds like a sympton of a classic case of Plantar Fasciitis. I would recommend you read the Heel Pain Book on this website.
It will describe the treatments available, but I recommend you make an appointment with a Podiatrist sooner rather than later. The odds are it won't get better on its own, and the longer it lingers the worse it may get.