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heel spur diagnosis

Posted by Anne Parker on 5/10/04 at 03:40 (150308)

I have been suffering with pain in my right heel now since March and because it had not responded to self treatment with anti inflammatory pills I decided to visit the GP who diagnosed heel spur.
She said that treatment is difficult and recommended I continue with pain relief and suggested better supports to my trainers.
However can you explain as I forgot to ask why the pain at its worst is up the leg to the knee. It feels heavy, full and throbs like toothache, yet
first thing in the morning its more pinpointed in the outer edge of my right heel and its extremely painful to put the heel to the ground.
If its the foot and the underside tendons,why pain right up the leg

Re: heel spur diagnosis

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/10/04 at 18:35 (150354)

Please take some time to review the Heel Pain Book on this site in order to understand the nature of treatment for this problem. Treatment 'can' be difficult but usually is not especially if one tackles the problem early. I consider good treatment to be conservative but fairly aggressive because PF becomes harder to treat as it becomes chronic.