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Have to vent about my Podiatrist

Posted by David M. on 5/10/04 at 09:10 (150318)

Hello everyone, first I would like to say what a great site this is. I'm 36 and I have plantar fasciitis. Started with right foot 4 years ago, that went away, now I started with left foot pain 6 months ago. So I say to myself, this time I'm going to get treated b/c it's miserable to live with. I work with some Dr's who recommended getting a good orthotic.

So I talk to my primary Dr and he refers me to a local podiatrist. I see him and give my symptoms and show him where my pain is (which is in the front of the arch). They do x-ray and a week later make the cast to send of to have the hard orthotics made. So far... so good.

I get the orthotics back and love them, they feel great... until. The fourth day I wear them (1 hr first day, 2 hrs second day etc) my heel starts killing me, I had to take the orthotics out. Each time I would try the orthotic the same thing... severe heel pain. This is a pain I have never had before.

So I saw him Saturday for the second 'adjustment' of the orthotic. I can tell by his attitude that he doesn't think the orthotic is the problem. Meanwhile, he wants to go directly to the coritsone shots. He has never given advice such as, ice, rest, avoid going barefoot, etc.

I ask him again if the orthotic could be causing the heel pain because I've never had heel pain before. He looks at his chart and said that I originally told him I DID have pain there. He becomes slightly beligerant and smug and says, 'You originally told me you had pain there'. I disagree. He says, 'No no no, you said your pain was in your arch'. I think to myself, it's possible that I could have said the front of my arch, but I DISTINCTLY remember touching the spot on my foot where I had the pain. He continues, 'that's not arch pain, arch pain is HERE' and touches the spot on the front of my heel'. 'THIS is heel pain' and proceeds to touch a spot directly on the bottom of my heel (about a 1/2 inch behind the other spot). JEEEZ, that's semantics. He says, 'I've been treating you for arch pain because that's where you told me your pain was.'

At this point, I feel like punching him in the face! Luckily for him I'm non-violent! He basically saying that I lied to him. WHY in a million years would I tell him I had pain somewhere else. I DIRECTLY TOUCHED THE SPOT WHERE I HAD PAIN FOR CHRISTS SAKES!!!!

I try to patch the relationship at this point and say ' I apologize it wires were crossed originally and if I said arch pain, I meant the front of my arch. But I did touch the area where I had my pain.' He was so frigin smug after that, he said he'll send the orthotic back and walked out.

So now my heel hurts worse than ever, i'm gonna try one of the orthotics recommended on this site and if my heel pain continues or get worse, I will see a different Podiatrist. Sorry for the rant.


Re: Have to vent about my Podiatrist

BrianG on 5/10/04 at 09:31 (150320)

Hi David M,

Since you work with doctors, I'm surprised that they didn't mention seeing an Orthopedic specialist. You have more choices than your realize. About the orthotics, a lot of people cannot tolerate the hard ones. I tried two sets of hard orthotics, which I could barey wear. I actually think they made my PF worse. I finally got a pair of semi-rigid orthotics (SporThotics), and have had no problem wearing them. Just a couple things to think about.

Good luck

Re: Have to vent about my Podiatrist

Susan S on 5/10/04 at 09:44 (150321)

Hi David,
I think my reaction to that guy would be 'You're fired!'

Re: Have to vent about my Podiatrist

Dorothy on 5/10/04 at 10:52 (150323)

David ~ Your experience sounds maddening. It does seem to point to a need in this whole foot/ankle problem area and that is a clearer, more specific way to identify sites of pain and other diagnostic information. The chart that Carole provided might be one way to increase the likelihood of specificity happening. There is the whole language problem - lateral, medial, arch, instep, sole, heel, tarsal, metatarsal, etc etc etc. Something should be available - or be created - to help describe and identify the where and the how much and the when of these problems.
That seems to me would be something that could be developed here at this website by ScottR and by competent posters and would be a great tool for people visiting doctors and therapists.

Re: Have to vent about my Podiatrist

David M. on 5/10/04 at 11:48 (150327)

That's a good point Dorothy. I'm a nuclear medicine tech and have done countless bone scans for feet. When I get a history from the patient, I was always taught to draw a foot and put a mark where the patient has the most pain. I think too many Physicians get complacent and stop 'listening.'

Re: Have to vent about my Podiatrist

Dr. Z on 5/10/04 at 18:31 (150352)

Here is how I look at this situation. Why would you lie. There is a possibility that the doctor was mistake, or there was confusion. It happens. So all he has to do is say I was mistake and only remembers what he put in my chart so lets start over and try to fix your orthosis now.

Next time throw the orthosis at him