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It's almost time!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Necee on 5/10/04 at 18:48 (150357)

I'll be leaving for Alaska this Saturday! I can hardly wait, we've been planing this trip for months, and I've gotten some great suggestions and tips from uncle Steve and his wife. Many of you old timers will remember Uncle Steve I'm sure.

We will be flying to Seattle and boarding the cruise ship there, the plan is to take a week long cruise up the inside passage making stops in Junneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and then back to Prince Rupert, BC. We have booked excursions in every port, the most exciting being....a sea plane tour in Ketchikan.

If any of you have been to Alaska and can give me some tips, or suggestions on what to see while we are in these mentioned ports, please feel free to do so. We want to see it all, and do it all while we are there.

Happy trails.....


Re: It's almost time!!!!!!!!!!

MARK L on 5/10/04 at 19:29 (150362)


Re: It's almost time!!!!!!!!!!

Suzanne D. on 5/10/04 at 21:53 (150379)

I hope you have a wonderful trip, Necee!

Suzanne :)

Re: It's almost time!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy G on 5/11/04 at 09:53 (150396)


Talk about a change in climate for you! Make sure you bring some warm clothes! Have a wonderful time!

Re: It's almost time!!!!!!!!!!

Lari S on 5/11/04 at 18:53 (150425)

Have a great trip! That's one of the trips we want to do once my husband retires. What cruise line are you going on? Can't wait to hear all about it when you return.

Re: It's almost time!!!!!!!!!!

marie on 5/11/04 at 20:31 (150439)

Have fun!!!! Sounds like a blast! :D

Re: It's almost time!!!!!!!!!!

Necee on 5/12/04 at 01:44 (150447)

Hi Lari,
It's Norwegian Cruise Line, they offer freestyle dining. (It's our choice when we dine and where we sit.)
Most important, they gave us the best price!