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Posted by john h on 5/11/04 at 08:57 (150389)

Yes Ed stats bear you out in that over 90% of PF patients are cured with rountine treatments. Of the other 10% I think there are probably 2% like me who have had the problem for over 9 years and counting. I have tried nearly every treatment out there including 5 ESWT with two machines, surgery for PF and TTS, shots, accupucture,night splints, all the various devices talked about on the board, to many meds to cover. stretching. 4-5 pairs of orthotics, many types of quality shoes/sandals, and on and on. Seen MD's, Podiatrist, Sports Meds Specialist, specialist in Foot and ankle surgery, traveled to N.J. and Missouri, and on and on. I am either better than when this first appeared or I have adjusted to it. Could be either. My pain level allows me to work and sleep without pain but being a very active person all my life I will never adjust to not running or doing those activities that aggreviate the foot. Some people on the board suffer way beyond anything I experience. They should continue to search for a cure and never give up. I have seen some who were apparently cured after 10 years of pain. Mohez comes to mind. People like him keep me in the hunt.So far the best information I have ever received comes from this board from the people who know first hand about PF and from the Doctors and other specialist who give of their time and knowledge.