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Posted by tylerb on 5/11/04 at 13:02 (150403)

Hi everyone,
I'm a female in my late 20's and had foot surgery about 7 yrs ago. Here's my story (it's quote a novel, but very detailed info)...from ill-fitted, fashionable shoes I started developing corns at the early age of 14. Like anything else, being that the issue went unaddressed, the corns got bigger, more painful and the end result was a 21 yr old w/horrid looking feet, white large corns on each toe. The pain had gotten so bad that I visited a Podiatrist who shaved down the corns and applied lambs wool and told me to change the type of shoes that I'd been wearing to relieve the pressure. I'd never heard of anyone ever having surgery for corns so I consulted with my doctor who really tried to sway me against having any type of surgery done on my feet and to just continue with his previous suggestions and even occasionally not wear any shoes at all. I've always been a very head-strong person, once I've made up my mind to do something, it's impossible to change. Now again you must remember that I was only like 20/21, hadn't done much research and didn't really concentrate too much on the possible risks that were involved because I wanted the corns gone, (1) for the pain, but also because the corns were unsightly. Although I had corns on both feet, each toe, my right foot was worse off (3rd toe and pinky...BIG, HARD CORNS which were painful). So I opted to have an arthoplasty pipj on the pinky and an exostectomy dipj on the third toe. My question(s) to any doctor that may reading this are: Why is it that over the years the scar is still visable, raised and glossy like/shiny at the incision site? Is there anything that can be done to correct this? Secondly, why is my toe fatter than the identical on the opposite foot (but only from the incision pt. to the top of the toe), could this possibly be corrected w/injections to correct both the scar and prolonged swelling...or is my toe permanently swollen? PLEASE HELP! If anyone else has had corns surgically removed and unhappy/were unhappy with the results, please advice me as to what to do. If there are any practitioners (podiatrists, etc.) reading this, also, please provide me a professionally recommendation/alternatives because I don't have med. insurance at this time, otherwise I'd visit the doctor who performed the surgery.



tylerb on 5/11/04 at 13:11 (150404)

i'm sorry, if i was unclear in my orginal post i want to know what/if anything can be done to smooth my raised, glossy-like scar? (creams, steroid injections, laser, etc.?) and also, being that so many yrs have gone by since the surgery and my toe is still swollen, is there something that can be done to correct this or is it too late?