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You're not going to believe what I won!

Posted by Kathy G on 5/11/04 at 16:57 (150421)

I went to get my hair cut and then went to the mall and did several errands. My husband was here when I left but at work when I got home. There was this huge box in the kitchen when I got home, with a note from my husband on top of it that said, 'Hi Sweeety! See what you won!'

I opened it up and I am the proud winner of a year's supply of milk chocolate M&M's! Isn't that hilarious? And on top of that, one of the things I bought today was a new bathroom scale!

That's right, 384 bags of M&M's! I couldn't remember even entering the contest but when I called my husband he said that's because he entered my name online when they were voting for a new color or something!

I'll have to decide what to do with them. I can freeze them, I think, but I'll have to check with the company. And I don't know how my teacher friends would feel about them in light of the new emphasis on good nutrition in the schools but I should think giving a package of M&M's to each of their students on the last day of school would be considered all right.

Remember when we had our discussion about M&M's and I said that I eat only four a day? This isn't a year's supply for me - it's a lifetime supply!

And I'm trying to lose five pounds! I wish I'd won the BMW he was trying to win in my name!:))

Re: You're not going to believe what I won!

Carole C in NOLA on 5/11/04 at 19:58 (150434)

Kathy, that is hilarious! If you can freeze them, you'll be all prepared for Hallowe'en (for the next decade or so). But if not, I'm sure the children would love M&M's for a 'last day of school' gift.

You could also make M&M cookies and cakes, or maybe even M&M ice cream, but having a lot of sweets around to tempt you might not help much with the weight loss. :)

Carole C

Re: You're not going to believe what I won!

marie on 5/11/04 at 20:30 (150438)

:)) That is so funny!!!!! It may be more than a lifetime supply. You might have to include those M&M's in your will. :))


Re: You're not going to believe what I won!

john h on 5/12/04 at 11:13 (150461)

that is nothing Kathy. I saved $300 on my car insurance with Geico. Do you know what that means. I saved money.

Re: You're not going to believe what I won!

Kathy G on 5/13/04 at 12:13 (150515)

There's nothing better, is there? I actually get better rates from Amica but I think it varies from state to state.

I keep threatening to put up a stand during the Memorial Day Parade and sell my M&M's at below market cost! That's over $280 in M&M's I've got! I've have much rather had the money! But I've already spoken to two of my teacher friends and they were thrilled with the idea of giving them to their children on the last day of school. I know I'll find lots of uses for them.

I called the company and they are guaranteed to stay fresh through March 6, 2005. The 'best if used by' date is based on forty-seven weeks from manufacture. Isn't that interesting? I was thinking that maybe the reason it's not forty-eight is that they figure one week for shipping. The girl I spoke with said that after that time, they still will taste good 'for quite a while' but that a real connisseur would be able to notice a difference in the freshness.

Now my husband is hoping I'll win the trip to Hawaii he entered me in! That sounds good to me! :)

Re: You're not going to believe what I won!

Suzanne D. on 5/13/04 at 18:20 (150534)

A year's supply of M&M's! Wow! I immediately thought of my son-in-law and how much he loves M&M's! I fixed him an Easter basket as well as my daughters, and I made sure to put M&M's in his.

I am sure your teacher friends are thrilled with your offer to share with their classes.

Now maybe your luck will continue and you will win that car or some exotic trip!
Suzanne :)

Re: You're not going to believe what I won!

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/13/04 at 19:49 (150541)

You have my congratulations and my sympathies as I, too, am on a diet. My inclination would be to make a worthwhile donation.