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nerve block shots now hell R S D ?

Posted by Anthony P on 5/11/04 at 19:50 (150431)

Drs , Is this a bad reaction to the shots ?X RAYS OK MRI MILD TENDONIDIS
HI, After a sprained foot and ankle 2 monthes ago I was told I
have RSD , I also had plantar release surgery 2001 Long story short
I had 2 nerve block shots 1 week ago with a bad reaction.
The first two hour my foot numb then swelled up like a balloon with black and blues from my toes to my ankle . Drs is this a
reaction to the shots or a result that I reinjuryed it . Now I'm told that I need shots in my lower back???????? I now can not put my foot down with out it swelling up . Please help me , Do you think this is RSD ?? thank you for you time Anthony

Re: Are you the same Anthony P. who used to post here?

Suzanne D. on 5/12/04 at 21:48 (150496)

Anthony, I am sorry to intrude here on the 'Ask the Foot Doctors Board', but I just had to ask if you were the same Anthony P. who used to post here. If so, I am very, very sorry for your continued foot problems. I have wondered and thought about you many times. I remember that you were going to school for computer repair, graphic and design and that you have a little girl and used to write about wishing we could all be better and have a volleyball game on the beach. I volunteered to watch all the little children as I would be no good, hurting feet or no hurting feet! Perhaps you can answer on the social board if you feel like it.

If you are not the same Anthony, I am still sorry about your foot problems and sorry to bother you.

Suzanne :)

Re: nerve block shots now hell R S D ?

wendyn on 5/15/04 at 15:02 (150644)

Anthony, I'm sorry that you never heard anything back from the doctors here. I'm not a doctor, just a patient.

What's happening with your feet now? The shots in your lower back are probably to try to control the RSD (they are likely nerve blocks). Swollen black and blue feet after an injection really sound like something to address right away with your doctor (it does not sound like anything I would think would be related to RSD). Please update with what's happened since your last post.


Re: nerve block shots now hell R S D ?

Dr. Z on 5/15/04 at 15:19 (150646)

This needs to be seen immediately by your doctor who gave you the shots. Maybe a clot that has moved toward your feet.

Re: nerve block shots now hell R S D ?

Anthony P on 5/15/04 at 18:25 (150649)

HI Wendy and Dr Z . I still dont believe that I have rsd like my last doctor said . My last appointment was like this . Sorry I cant help
you anymore and that I need to go to a pain management doctor
for more shots in my back . Wendy , Dr could it be possible that I
reinjury my foot when It was Numb ? I was taking Methylprednisolone
to help with all the swelling ,it helped bring down the swelling . After taking all 10 tables . bruises are now gone.
Right now my symtoms are , swelling from end of toes to top of ankle and at outside of ankle . swelling goes down by the next morning
Pain burning through top of foot bad in 1st and 5th maditarsals
pain to the touch in these areas( like being burned with something). Soon as I stand , foot gets red and swells up before my eyes . The needles were injectd in the top and side of ankle . I'm considering
getting another opioion . Thank you for your help , I 'm headed for the ice pack Anthony P : )

Re: Anthony

wendyn on 5/15/04 at 22:58 (150654)

Why don't you believe the doctor who suspected you have RSD? A second opinion never hurts - it's always a good idea.

p.s. if you do have RSD, I believe that icing can be quite harmful.

Re: Anthony

Anthony P on 5/16/04 at 08:20 (150659)

Wendy, before the shots I didnt have as much swelling and burning .
Will nerve block shots make RSD worse ?
I had surgery Nov 2001 open plantar release ,achilles, removed bone
spur. Does surgery 2 years ago bring on RSD after reinjury ?
This scares me to think I have this condition.
Wendy ,How are you feeling these days ?Didnt a doctor tell you
you have RSD ? What was your symtoms ?
Have a nice weekend Anthony P : )

Re: Anthony

wendyn on 5/16/04 at 10:53 (150666)

Anthony, I don't know a whole lot about the treatment of RSD, but I know that nerve blocks are often used. It's a way to put the affected nerves 'to sleep' for a while, with the hope that it will stop the pain cycle.

Any type of injury or surgery can (at least in theory) cause RSD.

I've been told that I have RSD, and I've been told that I don't have RSD. I've been told that I have TTS, and I've been told that I don't have TTS. Yada, yada, yada. I have an appointment booked with a rheumatologist in June, and hopefully she will get to the bottom of what's been happening.

My feet are not so bad lately. I have a lot of aching and general pain in my feet and legs, along with some unexplained nodules and swelling in my feet and shins(which is why they susspect RA). My RSD like symptoms can include intense burning, redness, puffiness, and extreme pain. Thankfully, I don't suffer from those symptoms too often any more.

Much of my pain seems to be controlled by activity: biking, yoga, core training, and weight/strength training. It's essential for me to stay active, since inactivity seems to be just as bad for me as overdoing it. I'd also been warned by a surgeon that every pound I carry on myself will probably make my feet worse. I've never been over-weight, but I have lost almost 10 pounds over the last year and a bit. (Down from about 121 to about 113). For whatever reason, my feet are better than they have been in 5 years. Maybe that small amount of extra weight really was making a difference. Or not - who knows?

So, here's hoping for continued improvement anyway. I've long since passed the point of ever expecting a full recovery. My focus is on helping myself to cope and stay as well and as healthy as possible.

Anthony, did you ever talk to your doctor about your reation to the injection?

Re: Anthony

Anthony P on 5/16/04 at 19:49 (150677)

Wendy, Glad that your feeling better . Since this all started back in Feb 2000 I gained 20 lbs . I got to get back to the gym.
My doctor said he never saw this happen before from nerve block
shots . I will let you know the out come of this .
I have a appointment on Thursday . Thank you for your help .
Anthony P : )

Re: Anthony

wendyn on 5/16/04 at 22:05 (150684)

No problem - looking foreard to hearing from you on Thursday!