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Pain on Bridge of Foot

Posted by Lyla L on 5/13/04 at 03:25 (150505)

I can't sleep for the pain so I'm searching the web for causes. Occasionally I'll wake up with pain on the top right area of my foot. This doesn't seem to be preceded by stress on the foot from day to day activities and I suspect it may be related to foot cramps that occur while I sleep (but don't wake me). I relieve waking foot pain (always occurs lying down) by curling my toes toward my head.

The nature of the pain is a throbbing ache on the top right of my foot, which is very painful when touched, even lightly. There is a slight swelling as well. It actually feels better after I walk a bit, but when I sit the pain returns. The only thing that brings momentary relief from the throbbing is massaging the heel.

Yesterday the pattern changed. The foot felt fine on rising but during the day the pain started out of the blue, very severe. This is the worst episode I've had. I have a weak bladder and the restroom at the office is not close to my desk; knowing I'd never make it with the excruciating pain in my foot, I left early.

I used a heated foot massage bath for two hours that had no effect. I went to bed thinking the pain would ease off and I'd be fine by morning. Around 2:30 A.M. the pain woke me and I headed for the Darvocet. The throbbing has eased a bit but a flex of my foot just showed the pain is still there, full force.

I've been reading info on foot pain web sites but the focus is on pain in the arch, toes or heel. Does anyone have pain on the bridge of the foot?