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Advice on shower shoes??

Posted by Kate N. on 5/13/04 at 12:44 (150517)

I am trying not to go barefoot in the house (hardwood floors!). I have two pair of New Balance, one pair for outside, one for in the house, and I keep changing my Spenco inserts from one to the other. What would be a good, cheap pair of shower shoes? I've been trying to rest my foot, icing and stretching, as opposed to treadmill and aerobics and living with pain. My Dr. is giving me 3 weeks to think about ESWT or surgery.

Re: Advice on shower shoes??

EKC on 5/14/04 at 13:00 (150587)

Shower? I couldnt take a proper shower for 2years. Had to sit in the
bathtub, or on a stool in the shower. Not so bad. Better than having to stand on the tile.

Re: Advice on shower shoes??

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/22/04 at 02:06 (151014)

Consider the $49 all plastic Birk clog. I use them for mowing my lawn. They have no cork footbed whihc would be preferable but the cork is not suffcientky waterproof.