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Ibuprofen Cream

Posted by John Martelo on 5/13/04 at 18:08 (150532)

Anyone ever try this through heelspurs, i used it one time last night and it took the edge off my tenosynovitis. I was wondering if anyone else tried this and what was there outcome with it?

Re: Ibuprofen Cream

AndrueC on 5/14/04 at 05:48 (150561)

I use this quite regularly for various muscular aches and pains. I don't have to use it much on my feet now but when I do it works quite well.

Re: Ibuprofen Cream

JudyB on 5/14/04 at 14:31 (150594)

Where can this be purchased? Is it available in the US?

Re: Ibuprofen Cream

Dorothy on 5/14/04 at 19:03 (150602)

Judy B: This product is for sale right here at heelspurs.com. If you click on 'Products' you will see it. :-)

Re: Ibuprofen Cream

JudyB on 5/16/04 at 00:14 (150655)

Thank you. I might give that a try. Are the instructions written in English?

Re: Ibuprofen Cream

Dorothy on 5/17/04 at 15:48 (150722)

I don't know anything about it - just noted that it was on the heelspurs.com products list. I assume Scott R could answer your question about the language of the instructions.