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Extreme, persistent foot,ankle pain

Posted by Curtiss P on 5/14/04 at 13:24 (150589)

Have extreme pain that moves from the inside ankle to top of foot to outside of ankle to top of toes to bottom of toes. It's never in all places at once. Test for PVD was negative.Only slight swelling around ankle occasionally. Pain has lasted four months with only a week of relief.Have taken just about every NSAID on the market with no relief.Have not eaten any of the foods that are known to cause Gout. Their was yellow and purple discoloration on outside of ankle when trouble started as from injury, but cleared up after a short time.Went to free clinic because of no insurance,saw Gp who said he didn't have a clue.It's my understanding that Gout comes and goes, but this seems to have found a permanent home. Is it severe case of Gout, Neuropathy or something rare. No diabetes. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Extreme, persistent foot,ankle pain

Dorothy on 5/14/04 at 19:06 (150603)

I'm not a doctor, BUT have you had any other tests besides the one you mentioned?? Are there reasons you are thinking only of gout?? Any change in your activities before/after this? Any injuries?