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No real Diagnosis

Posted by Michael on 5/15/04 at 14:53 (150643)

I am getting conflicking opinions. The Orthopedic Dr. didn't seem to think it is PF. I don't have all the classic symtoms. She thinks it might be nerve related. The Neuoligist disagrees. I am at my wits end. The pain is so bad and they just keep telling me take pain meds often which makes me sick and weak. Only brings pain down a few notches for an hour or so. I am so tired of this. No test have been run. I had and MRI on spine about 3 years ago for another problem and they are using that. No test since my foot pain started. GP gave me Paxil. He thinks I am not fighting and have given up and am depressed. Well, he doesn't feel the pain. I haven't tried the Paxil yet. Trying to avoid it. This has gone on for 18 mo. with no real diagnosis. I feel bad for all the people that have this for years. It ruins your life. You can't do much of anything. Has anyone out there had problems getting a proper dianosis. I do have ankle clonis which causes me to walk different. But that doesn't cause pain.
Thank You for listening Michael

Re: No real Diagnosis

Carlos N. on 5/16/04 at 20:45 (150679)


I went through the same thing with my doctors. Since 1989 I was going to the hospital seeing different doctors. Yes, 15 years. It wasn't til I found this website that I diagnosed myself with PF. Since December I've been to a new podiatrist, acupuncture, massage, and physiotherpist.

If you think it's PF then start treating it with the advice on this site. Rest, ice, orthotics, stretching, night splints, etc. I've come a long way since December. It's been my obsession this year. I know how hard it is because my pain was chronic, with agony and bouts of depression. However, for me the best formula so far has been lots of rest (staying off my feet), stretching my calf muscles and hamstrings, custom-made orthotics, and physiotherapy. My problem was with bad biomechancis which made me over-pronate. Years of walking incorrectly strained my muscles all the way up to my butt. Now I'm stretching out almost everyday to stay as limber as possible. It makes a huge difference.

Please don't give up. If I've managed to pull myself out of the gutter from all this, then I know you can succeed with hard work and persistence. Keep writing to this board and talk to people who have come back from PF. There are lots of success stories. Mine is still a work in progress. But I urge you to keep seeking help and educate yourself.


Re: No real Diagnosis

Carla B on 5/16/04 at 22:00 (150683)

I would also encourage you not to give up searching for a diagnosis. I have also had intractable bilateral atypical PF and no treatments brought me anything more than temporary lessening of pain--none ever stopped the pain completely and within a short period of time my pain and disability would revert back to what they had been. I work in a job that requires me to be on my feet and when 4 mo off my feet didn't help,I got a wheelchair and returned to work.I tried physio, medications, stretching, and three pairs of orthotics, in addition to seeing four podiatrists and two sports med doctors. However, in my 3rd year of what I thought was biomechanical PF I finally saw an investigative rheumatologist (through the last sports med guy I saw) and have been diagnosed with a seronegative arthritis. The medication I am on has greatly relieved my PF (the inflammation was caused by my disease, not by my bad biomechanics)and while I'm not running marathons, I now have long periods of time without foot pain (something I thought would never happen). Keep looking for answers for your pain.

Re: No real Diagnosis

Dr Kiper on 5/17/04 at 11:15 (150701)

Have you tried a simple, comfortable over-the-counter orthotic?
Have you ever had your feet strapped?
This is a good way to start. If it gives you even a modicum of relief, it may indicate that much, most or even all of your pain is related to the way you walk.

Re: No real Diagnosis

Michael on 5/17/04 at 21:22 (150736)

Hello Carla what is the medication you are taking? Thanks Michael

Re: No real Diagnosis

Carla B on 5/17/04 at 22:26 (150739)

Hi Michael
I am on 350 milligrams of froben (an older anti-inflammatory, but one that works well if problems are with ligaments and tendons as opposed to joints). I take doses of 100mg. 50mg. and 200mg daily with a stomach coater with the 200mg. dose. This is a high dose, but my doctor wants to see how much improvement there can be (I'm 70-80% better than without the drug)