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What's causing the pain?

Posted by Tommy S on 5/16/04 at 18:31 (150674)

I had a partial plantar fasciotomy and nerve release 7 months ago. I had an MRI three weeks ago which came up negative. It also showed no sign of PF in either foot (I had both feet done for comparison). If I do not PF and my nerve is not entrapped, then what is still causing the exact same pain pattern as before the surgery?

Re: What's causing the pain?

BrianJ on 5/16/04 at 20:51 (150680)

Tommy --

I am not a doctor, but I suggest you consider the possibility that you have tendinosis of your plantar fascia. Tendinosis is a degenerative condition that results in weakening of the supporting structure (tendon, ligament, etc.), which causes pain. Learn more (as I did) at tendinosis.org.

Re: What's causing the pain?

Linda on 5/17/04 at 11:41 (150708)

I had pf/tts surgery in both feet over 2 yrs ago,and i am still in pain also. Nothing helps to relieve the pain so i just learned to live with it.
I was recently diagnosed with a torn posterior tibial tendon in my left foot,so i am now going to have surgery on that,and i still have nerve pain also.
good luck and i think you should go see another doc for a 2nd opinion.
I did.

Re: What's causing the pain?

Dorothy on 5/17/04 at 15:28 (150718)

BrianJ: I want to thank you for the reference to the website http://www.tendinosis.org . That was the best link I have seen in a very long time! I have only begun to read there because I will need to devote some time to it but in just the short time I was reading there I learned a lot.
Really, really valuable link, BrianJ, and I am very appreciative (even though you were writing to Tommy!)
I wondered if you noticed that 1. strengthening is recommended for Achilles tendinosis and 2. the (un-recommended here) heel drop is recommended as part of that??? {Part of the eccentric strenthening they say is usefu for tendinosis but must be done correctly and carefully to avoid damage - I shouldn't be commenting on any of this as I have only done a very superficial and cursory and partial reading!}
As one who has Achilles tendinosis (I'm sure now it's not tendinitis), I am very interested in that section - but also as one who I now think has a body riddled with tendinosis(!!), I am going to study that site.
Have I thanked you for this!!??!! THANK YOU!