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heel spur surgery or planta faschia surgery

Posted by Brenda S on 5/16/04 at 21:13 (150681)

I have been told by an orthopaedic all I need is to have the Planta Faschia surgey done. My podiatrist says all I need to to have the pointed heel spur removed. I don't know what to have done.
I have a pointed heel spur in my left foot. It has caused me pain when walking. I have had 2 cortizone shots and it feels a lot better. But now I feel as though I am walking on a big lump right in the center of my foot. The heel pain is better. I was wearing a special insole, but in feeling as though I'm walking on the hump, I removed the insole. Better, but still feels like a hump. Also my whole entire foot throbs and is really sore. Even on top of my foot. It feels as though when you step down as you walk my foot doesn't relax or give as it should. Do you have any suggestions on what surgery would be the best for me? I am overweight which I know causes stress on the feet, but I do not have any problem with the right foot. I do remember years ago having to have shots in the top of my foot due to the tightness of the foot and throbbing of the toes. Sometimes now on the top left of my foot it feels painful and hard. Please help me. Tire of hurting.