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Severe pain and swelling near left ankle bone

Posted by Karen P. on 5/17/04 at 11:18 (150702)

HELP!! I just found this site and am hoping someone out there will be able to help me! I've been seeing my orthopaedic surgeon for years now and have good orthodics. I just had an osteotomy on both feet last year. Now, I'm experiencing something totally different.

Such severe pain and swelling of my left ankle -- near the outside bone (the ball bone). When I saw another doctor in my docs office last week, he told me he didnt know what to do with it. he took xrays and thinks i have some space between my bones which could be a casue?! He put my foot in a boot and I follow up with my doc tomorrow. I'm afraid he's going to do another cortisone shot which hasnt gotten rid of the pain -- seems to only mask it.

I can hardly walk -- the boot has helped but i am not going to live with this boot forever! Sometimes i will experience no pain at all and then it's as if something 'tweeks' or moves and then thats it -- pain beyond belief! I'm to the point i'd rather have my feet cut off!

If anyone out there can help, I'd be greatful!!!!!