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tts/torn tibia tendon surgery????????

Posted by Linda on 5/17/04 at 11:36 (150705)

I had another mri recently,and it shows that the posterior tibial tendon tear i have is complete,but i also have Tarsal tunnel syndrome again. I am going for a third surgical opinion on May 18th. The first 2 doctors disagreed on the surgical procedure,as well as my insurance company. How do insurance companies judge what they consider medically necessary?
My foot is really starting to fall inward,and it hurts to stand. I have constant pain in my arch. What really stinks is my right foot is killing too. My fascia is tight and i can feel it tugging when i move my foot.
I was just wondering What exactly is the surgical procedure for a torn tibia tendon? How long is recovery time usually? (I know it varies between individuals) Should I have tarsal tunnel release done again,even though the first time it didn't work,and if not what can i do?
My insurance won't cover ESWT yet. I just want the pain to be less.