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plantar faschi

Posted by Juli on 5/17/04 at 12:33 (150712)

can any of the dr's in here tell me if (plantar faschit,,,sorry cant even spell it...)can lost as long as 2 years?
I ws diagnosed in 02, and had a few soft casts as treatment, then because of certain things that happened, i moved and had to stop the treatments. last year i decided to have bunion surgery..but now a year later, my feet ache, and i'm having a terrible time. Especially after i have just gotten up in the morning or have been sitting for a while. I can hardly walk . At first i thought it was the surgery,,,but the more im reading here, the more i think maybe it is my prior condition. Why doesnt my dr see that? He has all my previous records. Anyway, im just about at the end of my pain rope here..Can this condition last this long? Is it something i should make him check out? The foot surgery went very well..and he doesnt know why im not better.
ANYTHING anyone can tell me would be something i can look into...to get treatment.
thanks, J

Re: I'm not a dr., but...

Suzanne D. on 5/18/04 at 15:52 (150766)

Yes, Juli, plantar fasciitis can last two years or more. Mine is much better than when I was first diagnosed, but it is still something I have to deal with, and I have had it three years now. You can read on this board about people who have dealt with the condition for 3, 4, 7, 10 years. So, to answer that question, yes, it could last two years.

Have you read The Heel Pain Book on this site? (Click on the words to take you there.) There are many fine suggestions for treatment and good explanations of the condition there.

Tell your doctor about your pain and the specifics of your problem. If he still does not know why your feet could be hurting like they are, I would suggest to see another doctor.

Good luck to you!
Suzanne :)

Re: THANKYOU Suzanne

Juli on 5/19/04 at 14:14 (150854)

Well !!
That would certainly explain a lot of my foot problems.
Yes i did read the heel pain book, i guess i just skimmed to the parts that i thought related to me.
Since i lived alone when i had both bunionectomys, my dr told me my recuperation was slowed down because of my activity. I just couldnt understand why this darn long. I think my best bet is to try to get an appt. with my previous podiatrist who initially diagnosed the plantar F. It seems it wasent even considered when i had my postop checkups, and having so many problems.
Thankyou again for responding.

Re: Classification

Michael on 3/19/07 at 05:08 (225426)

Hi I'm 27 and have had this condition for pretty much 5 years now and have had a lot of pain from it, I often get inflamations and have recently moved areas,

The pain is just about bareable thru-out most days and is mainly just nagging but there are times where I cant walk and I can sometimes tell if im walking far or something like that that they will hurt soon, metatarsal supports dont seem to work and hurt my shins I tried a pair of the supportive shoes and my legs hurt for a week after.

I have previous history of foot problems and had to go to a physiotherapist for a period when I was 8- 13 yrs old, somehow they found out i was allergic to non arthritics.

Anyway can I ask what the clasification is on this, I often had arguments with Doctors from my old practice that this affected my ability to work but they were often dismissive and not very understanding.

I have lost jobs thru this in the past and am currently looking for work now.