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Clarifying Heel Spur and Tailor's Bunion Surgeries message

Posted by Dee C on 5/18/04 at 15:06 (150761)

I had written about having both surgeries the same day two weeks from now and had mentioned the Dr. said it would be OK. But after reading this message board about different aftermaths and long periods of healing with just the plantar fascitis surgery I got scared!! With the bunionectomy on the right foot and an 'old way' PF surgery on the left, how do I get around? Haven't been able to talk to him this month because he is on vacation for the month. Has anyone else had both feet operated on at once and gotten through it? I live in a small apt. and just have my husband to help me in evenings when he gets home from work. I do not work anymore so don't have the problem of missing work. Would someone please give me their opinion before my pre-op with the Dr.? Should I tell my Dr. I want to do just one foot at a time even tho he says he thinks I can do it?? Am having cataract surgery in August and THOUGHT it would work out fine; but not sure now!!!