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alcohol injections

Posted by jane t on 5/18/04 at 17:49 (150776)

I have a 20 plus year history of PF--release on left 20 years ago, release on r. Nov. 02, ESWT on the R. June 03. Disabled from R. for about 6 months, then had 6-8 pretty good months.
Now it's terrible again. My podiatrist is recommending several alcohol injections to get the presumed nerve--which was always a question.
I can't really have anymore steriod injections due to fat atrophy.
I had the first one and I'm a lot worse.
Would you expect this to work? Get worse at first? Create more inflammation that could make the underlying problem worse?

Re: alcohol injections

Dr. Z on 5/18/04 at 18:06 (150781)


This is very strange and unusual. I have heard about flare-up post injections but never have seen it. Give it two weeks and then see what the pain level is. IF it is decreased and the foot is improved continue with the injections

Re: alcohol injections

jane t on 5/19/04 at 15:31 (150872)

Do you mean that the ethyl alcohol injection is strange, or my increase in pain? I can't find any literature on the use of the alcohol.
Have you had experience with this? I'm concerned that the alcohol could increase the PF inflammation.

Re: alcohol injections

jane t on 5/19/04 at 15:33 (150876)

Do you mean that the ethyl alcohol is strange, or my pain reaction?
My doc wants to do several more to kill the nerve(intracalcaneal).
WOuld the alcohol cause more PF inflammtion?
Thanks Jane