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PF release surgery

Posted by Kristie on 5/18/04 at 17:58 (150777)

I had platar fassica release surgery last week. Everyhting feels fine. I have my foot up alot for the swelling. Is ther anything I should be doing in my post care treatment?

Re: PF release surgery

Maureen on 5/18/04 at 22:55 (150807)


Would love to hear how your are doing--since I might be having the surgery soon too. You can email me privately if you wish.


Re: PF release surgery

Christine on 5/19/04 at 07:36 (150814)

You're on the road to recovery. I was careful to exercise; try to keep both feet moving around, to avoid those rare blood clots. (I pulled my knees up to my chest and wiggled my toes a lot.) My Dr. also said to try to stretch my toes up immediately, pulling up on my toes through the open area of my 'boot'. But just do your drugs and sleep a lot, to let things heal. Best wishes and prayers to you.

Re: PF release surgery

Kristie on 5/19/04 at 09:00 (150824)

Hi Fellow PF survivors,

In response to Maureen's question. I'm doing OK. The first week I just slept and read in bed. (I read the Da Vinci Code great book by the way.) Not much pain for the first week---took some prescription pain pills the first three day sand then felt a lot better. Best thing for be is stay in bed and keep you feet elevated.
Yesterday I went to the doctors. Doctor says everything looks good. Keep the foot elevated and she gave me a new cast to wear for the next two weeks. Went the doctor's moved my foot around that hurt a lot. But not bad today. I am wondering how it going to feel after two weeks went he cast comes off; not using it for three weeks, waking on a new wound, ect. But I have a lot of faith in my doctor and know this is the right thing for me to feel better in the long run.
Other people mentioned that sleeping is the best. I find my self sleeping a lot more than normal; which I guess is good. I take a vitamin a day and I did buy hand weight to move a little while I was in bed. The best thing I did was fill a big box with all the little projects that I wanted to do while in bed: clipping coupons, putting photographs in albums, sewing, ect. A little activity box to keep my busy. Best of luck to you.