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Finding foot diagnoses

Posted by Byron C. on 5/19/04 at 06:45 (150811)

I have been trying for over a year to diagnose a problem with both my feet. My feet 'feels' as though area where the toes meet foot swells and is very painful. I have seen two Podiatrist for this problem. One did find a problem with a nerve between the third and fourth toes. We tried massage therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and nothng helped. Finally, I did a MRI done on the left foot before we decided to operate on the nueroma. We did surgery to remove it but this has not helped the problem on the bottom of my feet. Initially, I was concerned more with the left foot but I am now experiencing the same problem with the right foot.
I have also seen a neurologist and had a NCS ( nerve conduction survey)and
a muscle survey and he found a slight problem with nerves in my left foot but overall he stated the test shows that I am in the normal range and the problem is not related to neuroapathy. Although I may have the beginning problems associated with neuroapathy. I know somwhere out there is a doctor who has seen a similiar problem. Any help or information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.