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ESWT for tennis elbow

Posted by David H on 5/19/04 at 11:38 (150839)

Has anyone had ESWT treatment for tennis elbow? had first treatment yesterday.I have suffered with this for several years,conventional methods have not worked.Please advise.

Re: ESWT for tennis elbow

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/21/04 at 15:03 (150971)

Keep in mind that Sonorex obtained ESWT indication for tennis elbow fro the FDA and has a lot of experience in that area.

Re: ESWT for tennis elbow

MARK L on 5/22/04 at 07:12 (151018)

High energy ESWT with the ability to pinpoint the extensor tendon with a modified humero radial longitudinal section plane ultrasound scan, as you can with the Dornier Epos Ultra, achieves very good results.

Re: ESWT for tennis elbow

Dr. Z on 5/22/04 at 08:30 (151020)


I met Phil a few days aga. Not sure if you know him but nice guy.

Re: ESWT for tennis elbow

MARK L on 5/22/04 at 10:30 (151027)

Never met him but I know of him. He is a very experienced tech, somewhere on the East Coast, for one of the larger ESWT service providers. He came to my podie friends office once, to cover for the regular tech. I just called my friend and asked about him and was told he has been in the field for quite a while and probaly has done over 1000 treatments to date.

Re: ESWT for tennis elbow

Dr. Z on 5/22/04 at 10:39 (151028)

So you would recommend that I steal him for my company? Just joking ( honest). We spent two days together at the Region three podiatry convention at Atlantic City. I enjoyed his company very much. He is very down to earth and at the same time very professional. Phil came right up to me introduce himself and we exchanged information etc right from the start. Its ashame that we are sort of competitorts in the ESWT field. I like the people that I have met at United. I have send many hours with Bruce Cohen years ago. It is funny how different the dornier owners are compared to the other ESWT equipment venders. Hey its the we are the White Hats !!!