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iontophoresis anyone????

Posted by Kate N. on 5/19/04 at 14:22 (150855)

As a last resort before considering surgery, my Dr. is sending me to PT for ultrasound, stretching, and iontophoresis. Anyone have any experience with the latter? I've had PF now for 10 mths., had three injections, wear inserts, stretch in the a.m.,etc. etc. and have quit exercising on my feet. Thanks.

Re: iontophoresis anyone????

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/19/04 at 14:47 (150858)


Iontphoresis is an effective physical therapy modality. It is a way to get low levels of anti-inflammatory medicine into the painful area without an injection.

I would certainly consider ESWT (somethinng you did not mention) before surgery.

Re: iontophoresis anyone????

RACHAEL T. on 5/19/04 at 14:56 (150861)

I did the ionto & liked it while I was being administered it....it just didn't last forever on me - but I was a tuff case -- 3 yrs. of PF severely for at least 2 years!!! & still being cautious now; but I am much improved w/ Birks since pf onset ~ & w/ SDOs since 12/20th/03....The pf bug is still there - but not severe & pain level is practially nada.....compared to before. As for ionto - I say go for it & it will add to your relief & could be your ace card toward your healing!!! Everyone has different feet & so, I'd say do the ionto esp. if your ins. covers it!

Re: iontophoresis anyone????

Kathy G on 5/20/04 at 09:41 (150904)

It didn't work for me, either, but that could just be my strange, but beautiful body. :)) I had it done years before on tendonitis in my hand and it didn't work for me then, either.

Rachael is right. Everyone's feet are different. Give it a try! I hope it helps and if it doesn't, it won't hurt you.

Good luck!

Re: iontophoresis anyone????

francesc on 5/20/04 at 15:41 (150916)

i have also tried ionto and it didn't work for me either. sorry!

i have had much more success with stretching, active release therapy/trigger point therapy, and ultrasound.


Re: iontophoresis anyone????

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/21/04 at 15:16 (150976)

Rachel and Kathy:
I would look at iontophoresis as an 'adjunctive' form or treatment. It tends to work best when applied to thin skin so it does better at the back of the heel or achilles tendon. Figuring out where to apply the ionto pad can be a challenge for PF-- either over the thin medial skin on the inside of the heel or just in front of the heel, in the back part of the arch.