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Heel nodule?

Posted by Rachael T. on 5/20/04 at 19:27 (150929)

Does anyone here have a nodule or bump in their heel - mine feels like 'a sort of a ripple of maybe 2-3 pea size bumps.' Yes, it is painy to touch; but it grows & lessens in size from time to time - dependent upon 'I DON't know exactly what!' Anyway, when it is larger, is when I have more foot trouble. But, still my troubles now seem alot less than before - & yet, I'd like to get rid of this last final aspect of PF - or so I think it is what makes it still linger w/ me! Trigger pressure? Would that be good for it? Massage? Or, ART? OR any suggestions or does anyone else have this? It is NOT visible to see; just merely to feel - & yet, it is ultra deep too. I do recall when my feet were really bad, bad, bad - that I had several of these throughout my sole of my feet. Now, just these are left.....I would like for them to LEAVE! Smiling as I type that. Any thoughts from the drs. or other persons??