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Using Static Electricity for pain

Posted by Pauline on 5/20/04 at 20:17 (150932)

Here is a remedy I've not seen posted here, but maybe it too is worth a try.

Medical science has long recognized that the human body is pulsing with tiny electrical currents. And 'normalizing' this flow of electricity promotes healing.

Here's how to use static electricity for aches and pains. Go to the hardware store and get an ordinary painter's mitt. The mit looks fuzzy like a pain roller. It has the texture of lambs wool. You also need a one foot section of PVC pipe about an inch thick.

Create an electric charge by rubbing the pip vigorously with the mitt for one minute. Then slowly sweep the pipe over the painful area.

Move in a head to toe direction, about a half inch away from your skin. After 3 or 4 passes, recharge the pipe by rubbing it again with the mitt. Keep repeating the process until the pain subsides.

The article says most people get relief within a few minutes and the relief is usually quite dramatic.

Interesting to say the least. I have not tried this, but who knows it might help someone. Not a large investment for this strange idea.

Re: Using Static Electricity for pain

Robert J on 5/21/04 at 12:08 (150957)


Most interesting. Your description set me to wondering about TENS devices which are also based on the notion of electrical pulses. Do you, or does anyone know if TENS devices have been used for PF and whether they produced good results?

Re: Using Static Electricity for pain

Pauline on 5/21/04 at 12:55 (150963)

I know people that have used them for other types of pain and perhaps some folks here have used them for P.F. too. I know they mentioned them with TTS. I'm sure someone will post.

I'm out looking for my painters glove and pipe. I thought I'd try it on my hip which has been hurting. Certainly can't hurt and the investment is small, besides my cat would like the glove if the treatment of pain fails.

Re: Using Static Electricity for pain

john h on 5/21/04 at 19:10 (150997)

pauline: I tried a very good TENS device. No help.