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Way to diagnosis

Posted by Pauline on 5/22/04 at 15:40 (151042)

Here is one doctors description of a patients reaction when diagnosing P.F.
Personally I think he forgot one. The one where he presses on the spot and the patient jumps out of the chair I think that one is called 'Baby you've got it':*

I classify heel pain into three categories: mild, moderate and severe. In order to properly evaluate the degree of pain, you must use the thumb to aggressively palpate the origin of the plantar fascia at the medial tubercle of the calcaneous. You'll find that mild discomfort barely produces a reaction. When the patient has moderate pain, he or she will retract the foot. With severe pain, you'll see the patient back up in the examination chair while retracting his or her foot.

Re: Way to diagnosis

john h on 5/23/04 at 09:56 (151063)

Pauline: On occasion I tangle with poison ivy as there are deep woods behind my home and some in my back yard. Look at the website http://www.zanfel.com . I do not know if this will help your problem but I got it off some Doctors web site who has recommendations for skin problem. This stuff did work for poison ivy.

Re: Way to diagnosis

Pauline on 5/23/04 at 10:02 (151064)

I'll file the information, but currently I don't have any allergy problems from Poison Ivy. Maybe you meant the info. for someone else, but hey this stuff is always good to know. You never know when it's needed.

Re: Way to diagnosis

Dorothy on 5/23/04 at 10:41 (151067)

John H ~ I don't have poison ivy/oak/sumac now either but I HAVE had it in past and it is not good. I also will file this info. away for future reference - it sounds really good. Wonder if it will wash hives? Or perhaps whole heads! At this point, that would be a good product for me. Thanks for the Zanfel info.

This reminds me, however - maybe somebody here has an idea about this thought: I have a good friend with whom I correspond regularly. She writes several times a week actually. For the past two or more weeks she has had a very bad case of poison ivy (her DX). She has been sending me letters - handwritten - that arrive at my house within one day of her writing. Any idea if poison ivy 'fluids' could travel to my hand/head by that route??

Re: Way to diagnosis

john h on 5/25/04 at 11:47 (151199)

More on poison ivy. Generally if you do not have it all over and you treat it and do not scratch the poison ivy will depart in about 15 days with no scars. The itching will last for at least 5 days and maybe more. The steroid cream you buy at the drug store is generally not effective as it is not strong enough. You will need a doctors prescription for steroidal creams that are strong enough to help. I always keep a tube handy.