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It's Dorothy the Red again

Posted by Dorothy on 5/23/04 at 10:43 (151068)

Greetings folks -
I posted this as part of post to John H. but thought I would re-post it separately here for your thoughts:

I have a good friend with whom I correspond regularly. She writes several times a week actually. For the past two or more weeks she has had a very bad case of poison ivy (her DX). She has been sending me letters - handwritten - that arrive at my house within one day of her writing. Any idea if poison ivy 'fluids' could travel to my hand/head by that route??

Re: It's Dorothy the Red again

Pam S. on 5/23/04 at 11:15 (151073)

HI Dorothy:
YOU POOR THING!!! And you are so funny about it all. I really do not know what to tell you. All I know is that you CAN develop food allergies at any point in your life. Strawberries are suspicious to me for some reason. Also, this time of year you sound like (if you are an allergic person) you have alot on your back. You have a load of allergens waying you down and the hives is the response. It sounds just horrific.

Have you seen a dermatologist or an allergist. I have forgotten. I am not sure about taking the supplements but if you are worried about it just stop for now. Your should not have any side effects from a short course of predisone. My neighbor took predisone for several months for a bad cough and was just fine.

Also, try the Aveeno bath. It is a powder that you put in the water. It is very soothing. I am so sorry you are going thru this. This too will pass....but not soon enought I am sure. Take care, Pam

My daughter takes Zyrtec...very good for allergies and she gets bad eczema too. Dorothy, I would call every dr. who knows anything about this and get all the answers you can.

Re: It's Dorothy the Red again

marie on 5/23/04 at 21:22 (151092)

I believe poison ivy can be transfered on paper. I know it can transfer on clothing. Paper is a common way to pass all kinds of bugs and germs.

Re: It's Dorothy the Red again

Dorothy on 5/24/04 at 00:26 (151095)

Wait 'til I tell my friend she's playing 'Typhoid Mary'! It is an interesting possibility, but there are probably more likely ones. After I thought about it, I realized that I don't have hives on my hands or arms and I think I would have if it were poison ivy from the paper.
(marie - this is a whisper...you are doing good work on the pol-t-c-l matters 'over there'; very tough times...)

Re: It's Dorothy the Red again

john h on 5/25/04 at 10:55 (151188)

poison ivy can be transmitted on almost anything including smoke when you try to burn it. your pet can get the oil on its hair and when you stroke your pet walla you have poison ivy. certainly cloting that mom washes can retain the oil for months unless you wash it and it is very transmittable. drop a piece of paper in some poison ivy and if a little of that oil gets on the paper you can get it. generally if you wash your hands or whatever after contact with the oil you can avoid the rash but once the oil binds with the skin you are in trouble. one myth that is out there is you can give your friends poison ivy from your sores. not so! they need direct contact with the oil that produces the rash and the oil quickly binds with the skin after contact and usually a day or so later the first appearance of the rash begins and the very very terrible itching. only thing that may be worse is 'red bugs' which all us southern fishermen are acquainted with. when these little devils bury deep into your skin it is like hell. You cannot wash them off. they like to hang out in moss covered trees among other places.

Re: It's Dorothy the Red again

john h on 5/25/04 at 10:58 (151189)

Paper!!!!! Out side my office is a public bathroom for guest in our building. We have one girl next door who apparently does not like to touch door handles. Evertime (several times a day) she exits the bathroom using a paper towell to open the doors and then throws the paper towells on the floor out side my door entrance.