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feels like lump when walk

Posted by Susan S. on 5/24/04 at 22:18 (151169)

I had a sudden onset of a swollen, red area under and to the side of my fifth (small) toe. It feels like there is a lump if I try to walk, and I cannot put pressure on the area without pain, although it doesn't hurt unless I try to walk on it. I had been lying down and then walked across the house barefoot and sat down. When I got up to walk it felt like a lump and I saw the redness and swelling on the side of my foot; the swelling seems hard on the bottom, too. I did not bump into or step on anything. Any idea what this is or how to treat it?

Re: when i walk my top/upper heel hurts

Sarah Nimmo on 5/27/04 at 17:32 (151406)

hi my name is sarah nimmo and my heel has hurt for 3 days now. it's right where my big bone is on bothe sides and alittle down. what should i do? email me back at (email removed)