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Pauline-More on the Snakes

Posted by john h on 5/25/04 at 12:03 (151200)

Pauline: The guy from Scotland who was found dead at the airport in his rented car was definitely the guy who owned the snakes (Black Mambas,Green Mambas,Cobra and someother deadly snake I had never heard of). He had ordered them off the internet and they were shipped to him in Little Rock where he signed for them the day before he was found dead. No one knows what he was doing with them but he had bought 30 or more from the same dealer and had them shipped to Florida in the past. He is not a known dealer in snakes. The autopsy was complete but they were not looking for snake venemon but did note a couple of tiny puncture wounds. It will now take 6 months for the autopsy results to confirm if it was snake venemon. The Black Mamba has been know to bite through cloth bags like it was found in. It has very long fangs up front and is also very mean and will be quick to bite. Its puncture wound is not bigger than the standard hyperdermic needle so would be hard to spot. Death usually occurs within 4 hours. The guy from Scotland had vomit all over him and no other signs of a problem. Arkansas has no anti venom for Black Mamabas or Green Mamabas so the snakes were sent to Texas where they do have. Strange but his family in Scotland would not say what he was doing in Little Rock. Why ship such snakes here? Unbelievable you can buy such snakes on the internet and ship them to where ever for what ever reason. How would you like to wake up with a Black Mamba in your bed? The story continues.

Re: Pauline-More on the Snakes

marie on 5/25/04 at 16:31 (151243)

I think you can find about anything on the Internet.

I hope he wasn't planning on letting them go. Yikes! I believe a Mamba could survive in Arkansas. Hate to see that snake down there.

Re: Pauline-More on the Snakes

john h on 5/26/04 at 11:05 (151291)

Marie: The mamba would not survive a winter in Arkansas unless in a home. It is very strange that his family did not know about his interest in snakes and what he might be doing with them. I am sure glad this guy was not from Saudi Arabia because a terriorist with a lot of Mamabas could scare a lot of people. Hope they are able to track down what this guy was doing and why he was in Little Rock. No one knows at this point. We need to get Grissom from CSI on the case. He knows a lot about bugs and snakes.

Re: Pauline-More on the Snakes

marie on 5/26/04 at 20:00 (151343)

That is pretty odd that his family didn't know about his interest in snakes. Maybe he was new to owning snakes and lack of experience is what got him bit.

I don't like snakes or big ugly bugs.

Our seqadas (msp?) are out. The locusts only make an appearence every 17 years.

Re: Pauline-More on the Snakes

Dorothy on 5/26/04 at 20:34 (151346)

John H ~ Dorothy here - and I am the one who had the interest in this story and brought it up here originally - I thought I had been watching carefully to see if you had updated info. on this but I didn't see anything. Now, I see this new post 'Pauline - More on the Snakes' so I wonder what I have missed. You open your post with 'Pauline: They guy from Scotland who was found dead at the airport....' etc. - and I didn't even know that a guy from Scotland had been found dead! What is going on??
Why is Pauline getting this information? I, Dorothy, have raised and tried to follow this story! Come on, John H. - This is the most fascinating mystery-story I've come across in a while and I'm relying you, our Man in Little Rock, for on the scene reports. I turn my back for a second and you're giving all you've got to Pauline!! Now, I will take my pique away for a moment, collect myself and return to see what else you have posted - FOR PAULINE! - on the snake story.

Re: Pauline-More on the Snakes

john h on 5/27/04 at 10:21 (151376)

Marie: If you do not like 'bugs' by all means avoid CSI. That is Grissoms life.

Re: Pauline-More on the Snakes

john h on 5/27/04 at 10:26 (151380)

Dorothy: Since the evidence 'the snakes' have been shipped to Texas and the autopsy results will not be available for 6 weeks most of my work will have to be by Deduction. Simple Dorothy. If we had the reptiles in question we could check their fangs for DNA. Especially the Black Mamba who is known to have a temper especially when in a bag. Yes I once did do the mamba. I learned it by watching Carmen Miranda when she was with Mr. Cugat.

Re: Pauline-More on the Snakes

Dorothy on 5/27/04 at 16:17 (151401)

Thanks, John! Yes, I myself am familiar with Xavier and Carmen and the great Carmen headwear. Does this imply a Cuba connection in the ongoing snake saga?? Well, I will await your ongoing reports - even though you send them to Pauline! - with eagerness. This is a most intriguing story.
(On a serious note, I do agree with you 100++% about the lunacy of these deadly creatures being so easy to obtain. Scarey. Along those same lines, I had been doing some reading about hives etc. on a medical site and came across a medical report on mercury from a public health/community health nurse's perspective. This was very interesting and very scarey. The 'emergency response/problem' scenario set up had to do with a release of mercury into a community. The author discussed it in terms of high school students gone wrong, like some of the terrible incidents that have happened in recent years, and they release mercury into a school or into a broader community. I stopped reading when my anxiety level started rising (trying to get rid of hives, not encourage them!) - but there are so many ways we don't even think about for things to go bad. You know, about 1,000 times a day I think what a wonderful, easy world it would be if everyone just simply did the right thing, in all matters.
Well, thanks John - keep us up to date on the Snake Mystery, will ya?
Scotland? Not Australia, but Scotland? These bizarre leads are very puzzling.... And as you said, why Little Rock???