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tts symptoms

Posted by JEFF on 5/25/04 at 15:56 (151230)

Hi everyone, wow where do I start? 2 years ago Had a little bit of 'classic plantar fasciitis' waking up with heel pain. so I had a pair of orthotics made which gave me alot of pain in my arch. I had 6 pairs of orthotics made none of which worked. the heel pain in the morning has been gone for a long time, about a year. I have no pain at all without shoes. when I wear shoes I have burning pain in the ball of foot and across forefoot and also in my arch. again when i take the shoes off instant relief. I know with a neuroma you can have the ball of foot pain, but the arch? xrays negative, mri's negative. diabetes ruled out. rheumatoid arthritis ruled out. so my question to all of you is...... with tts does the pain go away with shoes off. also i hear of people with tts pain in their ankle which i do not have. I had a nerve conduction study and they said i had a mild form of tts, but my pod says 'those people diagnose everyone with tts. --------- are my symptoms classis tts or possibly neuroma Sorry so long, Jeff

Re: tts symptoms

LARA on 5/25/04 at 20:29 (151255)

Hmmm. There is wide variation in symptoms. If the NCV test says you have TTS, then you probably do. The NCV test has significant number of false negatives, but very few false positives. On the other hand, there are lots of doctors who don't know, recognize or understand TTS. I doubt 'those guys diagnose everyone with TTS' - most of us had to hunt for months/years before we found a doctor that even knew about it.

That said, your symptoms don't sound like TTS. I've never heard of anyone for whom NOT wearing shows made TTS better. HOWEVER, if the NCV test says positive, I'd go with that over not having classic symptoms. There is still so much they don't know about TTS. 'burning pain' sure sounds like TTS to me (although it is probably other things too.)

Some people with TTS have pain in the ankle, but lots of us don't. My impression is most people don't - only because as best I can tell, there are very few symptoms that 'most' people have. The only major commonality I've noticed is that at least some of the symtoms indicate nerve involvement (such as burning).


Re: tts symptoms

marie on 6/02/04 at 19:55 (151840)

Consider getting a pair of Birkenstocks. I have found that it's not a good idea for me to go barefoot even if it feels ok. Also we hear from many people who have atypical symptoms. I had all kinds of symptoms that were not listed for tts. perhaps you have something else going on in conjunction with tts.

best wishes marie