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A comment made in a shoe store

Posted by Kathy G on 5/25/04 at 16:17 (151236)

I went to the local sportshoe outlet as I have just started to break in my last pair of Asics Cumulus II's. They're up to Cumulus VI's now so you can see what kind of a stockpile I had! Time to find a replacement.

The guy who waited on me was in his mid-twenties, I'd say. He asked what was wrong with my feet and when I told him, he said, 'Too bad you didn't take care of your feet (when you were younger).'

I didn't slug him; heck, I didn't even bother to respond nor did he upset me. It did get me thinking that having foot problems has probably made me less judgemental although I'd like to think I never was. Maybe in the past I was more likely to judge someone with say, Emphysema or high cholesterol, thinking these were avoidable conditions. So maybe an advantage to having foot ailments, or any ailments, is that you are much more compassionate and much less likely to jump to conclusions.

So, while I didn't slug him, I also didn't buy anything from him and don't intend to. He, by the way, was about fifty pounds overweight but I didn't say a word to him about that because maybe he has a thyroid problem! 8-(PIPE)

So my point is that we are all probably much nicer people because we have PF and know that all physical disabilities are not the result of 'not taking care of yourself!' In fact, I know we're all nice people!:D

Re: A comment made in a shoe store

Dorothy on 5/25/04 at 16:20 (151240)

I'm not nice. I have hives. I'm on steroids. I'm crabby. I would've slugged him and called him Fatty while he was down. Then I would have gone home and cried because I was such a worthless, cruel rat. I have hives. I'm on steroids. You're nice though. :-)

Re: A comment made in a shoe store

Pam S. on 5/25/04 at 17:02 (151246)

HAAAAA Dorothy you have every right to be CRABBY!

Kathy: I have had other people say the same thing to me. Except they usually say 'Too bad you did not make better choices in foot wear when you were younger.' Truth is, with a narrow 9AA foot, you cannot go to Payless and buy shoes. You had to buy the more expensive shoes to fit your skinny foot. Remember Capezios. I am sure there was no arch support in those flat shoes. Can you remember anything about your feet from high school? I remember thinking, oh, today my arches are falling. I never played sports either (they did not have sports for girls) I would probablly be a cripple today if I had run track or something like that. LIKE MY DAUGHTER WHO HAS MY EXACT FOOT DOES!!!! OK I will not put my Mother Worry hat on.

Anyway these are cute posts lately. Spring is in the air!

That running daughter of mine is better. (had mono) runs in our family in the spring!!!) Back in school Monday. Just in time to catch up in a major way for finals. What a grind.

Suzanne, if you are reading this I have been thinking of you and your daughter. How are things going? Take care, Pam

Re: A comment made in a shoe store

Kathy G on 5/26/04 at 08:16 (151272)

Like you, Pam, I wear an 8 1/2 AA shoe and never put a cheap shoe on my foot. Even if I'd wanted to, I couldn't have found one narrow enough. And I always wore shoes that were good for my feet. I wore heels but not terribly high ones and never spikes. The former because I am a klutz and the latter because I thought thicker heels looked better on me. If anyone should have had PF, it was my mother and older sister. They wore pointed toes and spike heels. UGH! When I think of some of the things they wore I cringe. My mother had arthritis in her toes but my sister is still going strong with no foot problems, thankfully. I believe I could have worn running shoes lined with cotton batting and I still would have gotten PF. I do believe it's partly physiological.

I'm glad that your daughter is back in school and on the road to recovery. You were right about high school teachers. Now that I think of it, my daughter's college professors were much more understanding if she got sick and an assignment wasn't on time. Professors seem to be much more human and compassionate, at least that's what she found. She nearly fell over when one of her professors told her to forget about turning in a paper, after she'd had a bout with a strep throat and a stomach virus.

I hope your daughter gets caught up and doesn't find herself too worn out. In retrospect, I should have called the principal about them giving my daughter and me a hard time because she was so tired after a day at school that she'd fall asleep when she came home. They wouldn't give her any extra time to finish her assignments. Maybe if I'd had a third child, I'd have finally gotten it right!

Spring may be here but all we're seeing is rain and cold weather in NH. I've had my heat on for the last four days. Horrible weather. Now I know how it feels to live in Seattle! When it's sunny, the pollen count is at all time highs. When it rains, the mold count is ten times higher than the highest recorded number. So, I'm sitting here, this the dark, dingy morning, sneezing and coughing, eyes watering, with strange green mold growing on my body.:))

Re: A comment made in a shoe store

Kristie on 5/26/04 at 08:57 (151274)

Back to Kathy's orginal comments. I think I'm a little more undestanding because of PF. I agree with Kathy.

I kkow we didn't do anything to get PF. It's not bad shoes or whatever but I has made us a little more compassionate. I think more about what people like Chris Reeves goes through. I know it's not the same as us but I feel for him more.